Military special ops put Joe Biden on blast in stunning announcement

President Biden has been a failure as commander-in-chief. There’s no more denying it.

Because now the military special ops have put Joe Biden on blast in this stunning announcement.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday, the leader of a group that represents special operators claimed that a social media error by the White House that revealed special operators might have put the lives of those military personnel in danger.

The White House social media account uploaded a photo of Vice President Joe Biden meeting with special forces members in Israel on Wednesday night and later withdrew it because it showed their faces. The Special Operations Association of America’s executive director, David Cook, told the DCNF that the security lapse might put the operators’ lives in jeopardy and offer Hamas, whom the United States is helping Israel defeat, a “huge propaganda win.”

“I don’t even know what to say. These are horrible operational security failures,” Cook explained to the media.

“The risk is high. These guys that got pictured, it could ruin their careers. They could put their families in danger. It could put them in danger,” Cook further explained.

Photos that did circulate blacked out the operators’ faces but nevertheless revealed tattoos, watches, and other identifying characteristics, despite modern facial recognition technology. Cook warned that this information might be used against the operators and their loved ones by anyone with malicious intent.

“Whoever took the picture needs to be held accountable. These kind of gaffes happen every once in a while … that’s why SOAA exists, to educate policymakers and people who’ve never been in the community what the sensitivity is around the mission and why special operators are deployed downrange all year round or not.”

According to the social media post, the operators pictured were “first responders” who were helping out after the Oct. 7 terrorist assaults by Hamas. The New York Times reported on Thursday that the Pentagon had sent special operations personnel to Israel to advise and organize for a possible hostage rescue, despite repeated assurances on previous days that no military would actually be involved.

The Pentagon first declined to offer any remarks on the photo Thursday morning, instead directing reporters to the White House. The White House expressed remorse to the Daily Caller for the misstep.

Cook responded, “Let’s say it was a security detail,” referring to a common role for special operations soldiers deployed overseas. “Hamas isn’t going to distinguish between a security detail and boots-on-the-ground, invasion-type stuff,” the author writes.

“This is a huge propaganda win for Hamas,” Cook commented.

Although there is no confirmation that American armed forces are in Israel on military orders, Hamas allies are currently preparing for attacks and rallies against U.S. personnel.

“Maybe Hamas doesn’t have the sophistication to find these guys’ home addresses. But Iran certainly does,” Cook claimed.

A representative from the White House chose not to reply to a request for comment from the DCNF.

This is a big loss for the Joe Biden, his administration, and his re-election campaign as he is already severely underwater in the eyes of the general public.

Polls show that his approval ratings are anywhere from 30-40% while other polls demonstrate that Donald Trump would be a huge favorite were a rematch of the 2020 election be held today.

The handling of the military and national security is one of the weakest points for the Biden administration already. This gaffe only serves to sour Joe Biden’s favorability even further, at a time when he can’t really afford it.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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