Nancy Pelosi flew off the handle when she found out who could make her lose her job


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in no way popular with the American people or even her so-called Democrat “allies.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, along with several other so-called “progressives” constantly criticize her.

Some political experts thought it would be the radical “progressives” who would eventually kick Pelosi out of her power seat. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi completely lost her marbles when she found out who could make her lose her job.

The odds are that Nancy Pelosi won’t make it to a third term as Speaker of the House. Even if the Democrats were somehow able to hold off a well-predicted major Red Wave during the 2022 elections, the far-left base has been growing louder and louder in their discontent with Pelosi in power.

But the reality is that Pelosi will probably be losing her gavel to a Republican.

The betting odds are wildly in the Republicans’ favor to take back the U.S. House.

One newcomer could be none other than Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has stayed out of the spotlights for more than a decade after the disastrous McCain-Palin ticket from 2008.

She was smart to distance herself from the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney – both now-unpopular RINOs.

Since then, Donald Trump has now endorsed Palin to take a seat in Congress for the first time in her career, a political comeback that many did not see coming until the last couple years.

In fact, she is even the betting favorite to win the seat left by Don Young.

News outlets like the Guardian are reluctantly acknowledging her high odds of winning the seat now that she’s backed by Donald Trump.

The Guardian reports:

Sarah Palin looks set to be on the ballot in November’s general election after the former governor of Alaska and ex vice-presidential candidate clinched one of four spots vying for a seat in the US House, according to the Associated Press…

The Congress and Senate races will offer insights into the power Trump still commands over voters, even in the “last frontier” of Alaska, where most voters have not declared a party affiliation.

Candidates endorsed by Trump are winning their primaries left and right.

The mainstream media, of course, loves to point out that not all of Trump’s endorsements have been victorious.

But no one in the last 50 years of American history has had as much of an impact on election outcomes with just endorsements as Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t just pick anyone either. He always picks candidates who are more likely to end up true defenders of the constitution and conservative principles, even if some of them do end up political weenies.

So Trump endorsing Palin is a big deal.

And Pelosi just might have to share a chamber with Palin, and maybe even watch Palin pick up her position as Speaker of the House.

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