Nancy Pelosi turned red with rage when a Democrat Congressman made this stunning admission


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tries to rule the House with an iron fist. She’s always forcing her Democrat lackeys to fall in line.

But Nancy Pelosi turned red with rage when a Democrat Congressman made this stunning admission.

Joe Biden’s first year-and-a-half in the White House has not been great for the Democrats.

Democrats running for office all across the country have said they are deliberately distancing themselves from him.

And rightfully so.

The country has been dealing with one crisis after another ever since the Afghanistan fumbling on the part of the Biden administration.

It’s made being a Democrat politician way more unpopular now than even a couple years ago.

One Democrat Congressman, Tim Ryan (D-OH), even just admitted that the Democrat brand has become toxic in his state of Ohio.

Fox News reports:

“One thing Ryan’s ads do not emphasize, he is a Democrat and often votes with President Biden,” CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju noted while introducing his interview with the Senate hopeful running in a state Trump won by 8 points…

“Yeah, well — I mean, the Democratic brand, as we know, and you and I have talked about this for a long time, is not good in a lot of these places,” said Ryan. “And I tell people, look, I’m an American. You’re an American.”

Speaker Pelosi certainly isn’t going to like that.

She seeks to defend the old-guard establishment of radical Democrats, and will never admit that the Democrats have ever looked bad.

But Tim Ryan is right.

And Tim Ryan’s Republican for Senate opponent, J.D. Vance, has taken this as an opportunity to both agree with Tim Ryan but also expose Ryan for being a fake moderate.

In a radio appearance on Fox Across America, J.D. Vance said that “Tim Ryan’s entire problem is that he’s a fake moderate. His voting record is 100 percent with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. He is a lockstep liberal Democrat. And yet in his TV commercials in the state of Ohio, he pretends that he’s some sort of independent conservative.”

Vance continued to criticize Tim Ryan for voting for middle class tax burden increases and supporting the recent IRS militarization.

Vance is right. Tim Ryan is just one example of many Democrats all across the nation who don’t want to be associated with Joe Biden whatsoever.

Biden’s failure as a U.S. President is wildly toxic and has made the very label of being a Democrat damaging to your chances of winning an election.

But as J.D. Vance has done, we can’t let these fake Democrat “moderates” get away with disguising as conservatives for votes.

Biden was sold to Americans as a moderate Democrat, but instead he’s arguably been the most authoritarian President we’ve had in the last several decades.

And look where Biden’s gotten us — nowhere.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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