Scary military report paralyzes Joe Biden in the Oval Office

President Biden has no idea what he’s doing. His house of cards is falling down.

Because now a scary military report has paralyzed Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

The Biden administration has been adamant that they will be supporting Ukraine in their defensive war effort against Russia until Ukraine has won the day.

We’ve heard for weeks, months, from the Biden administration that they believe the end of the war is close, but there’s been no indication that either side is willing to put down arms and stop the war.

And the Democrats in Washington, D.C. continue to criticize anyone who is calling for a peaceful negotiation to end the war, like former President Trump has been calling for.

There’s even been reports that the Ukrainian regime might have plans to invade Russia after they’ve taken back their land that was formerly in Ukrainian possession before falling to Russia.

Which only raises more questions about whether the war will continue for months or even years on end.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has effectively verbally signed a blank check for the Ukrainian military. Of course, this blank check is paid for by the American taxpayer as billions make their way to Ukraine.

While a majority of Americans support Ukraine in defending themselves against Russia, polls show that a majority of Americans also believe America shouldn’t be the one financing the Ukrainian defensive effort and that the United States has done their part already.

And now Joe Biden’s talking point about the war coming to an end soon is being torn to shreds according to a recent military report.

The Washington Post reports that according to the latest intel available to the United States’ intel agencies, Ukraine is not going to be able to retake a critical Ukrainian city as they were planning in their counter-offensive effort.

Meaning this war is experiencing more deadlock as both sides are dug into their positions.

The Washington Post reports:

The U.S. intelligence community assesses that Ukraine’s counteroffensive will fail to reach the key southeastern city of Melitopol, people familiar with the classified forecast told The Washington Post, a finding that, should it prove correct, would mean Kyiv won’t fulfill its principal objective of severing Russia’s land bridge to Crimea in this year’s push.

The Washington Post called the failure on the part of the Ukrainian military a “grim assessment” that is attributable to Russia’s success in defending their position with a variety military tactics like minefields.

The city of Melitopol is important for both sides in the war effort because it is largely the one pathway to make it to Crimea.

Currently, Russia is using it to “move personnel and equipment from the peninsula to other occupied territories in southern Ukraine,” according to the Washington Post.

After news of this hit Washington, D.C., members of both major political parties started to panic about what to do next. Democrats are claiming the Republicans are preventing the Biden administration from being able to do more, while Republicans are pointing to the hundreds of billions that have been spent on Ukraine.

Ultimately, this falls on the Biden administration. They insisted so many times that just a little more support at the expense of the American taxpayer would be enough to push Ukraine over the line, but that has not panned out.

The Biden administration miscalculated how dug in the Russians are and now they are paying the price for it. There are no more excuses for Joe Biden.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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