Stacey Abrams shocked everyone with her lethal plan to fight inflation

Stacey Abrams

Democrats are known for having some crackpot theories and ideas. But now they’re calling to kill Americans.

That’s why Stacey Abrams shocked everyone with her lethal plan to fight inflation.

Stacey Abrams has made waves ever since her failed attempt to become governor of Georgia in 2018.

Not only has she denied the election results, but she even refuses to say whether she’ll accept the results of her race this year.

But denying her loss is far from the strangest belief that Stacey Abrams holds.

Earlier this year, she caused a firestorm in the media for claiming “there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks” for a child in the womb and that it’s “a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

But she hasn’t stopped there, she’s doubled down to the point where she thinks abortion will cure Americans’ inflation woes.

Recently, Abrams was interviewed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where she was asked her thoughts on the economy.

“While abortion is an issue, it nowhere near reaches the level of interest of voters in terms of the cost of gas, food, bread, milk… what could you do as governor to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters about those livability, daily, hourly issues that they’re confronted with?” Abrams was asked.

Abrams then completely dodged the question, arguing that abortion is an economic issue – one that may even be driving inflation concerns.

“You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child,” countered Abrams, who argued that “we don’t have the luxury of reducing it, or separating them out.”

She then glossed over what specific policies she would implement to ease the economic burdens of citizens in the state, saying “a governor can address housing prices, a governor can address the cost of education, a governor can put money in the pockets of everyday hardworking Georgians instead of giving tax cuts to the wealthy.”

How she would put the money in the pockets of Georgians she never says.

She also said that it’s only politicians who view abortion as a cultural issue instead of an economic one.

“But let’s not pretend that women — half the population — especially of childbearing age, they understand that having a child is absolutely an economic issue. It’s only politicians that see it as just another cultural conversation,” she added.

Incumbent Georgian Governor Brian Kemp, Abrams’ political rival made sure she couldn’t hide from her disgusting words.

Responding to Abrams, Kemp’s communications director tweeted out Kemp’s plan to combat inflation, including suspending the gas tax and rebating property taxes.

Rather than solve the issue at hand, Democrats like Stacey Abrams would rather kill children in the womb to keep prices down.

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