The Biden White House has waved the white flag of surrender

Americans have watched Joe Biden completely fail at everything. But now his days are numbered.

Because the Biden White House has now waved the white flag of surrender.

An Ohio congressman whose district is the focus of the tragic train crash is slamming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Rep. Bill Johnson of the GOP discussed the Feb. 3 tragedy, in which a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed close to the Ohio hamlet of East Palestine, contaminating the town and its surroundings with hazardous chemicals.

Johnson told Fox News that because they are not receiving clear answers concerning the catastrophe, the citizens of his area, which includes East Palestine, continue to be scared and anxious. There are a ton of questions, he said.

He also criticized Norfolk Southern, the railroad company that caused the catastrophe, for not attending a town hall meeting where the people could ask those concerns. “For them to be able to ask those questions, the rail company, Norfolk Southern, did not show up at the town hall meeting last night.”

Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden’s secretary of transportation, was the target of his most severe critique, though. He gave Buttigieg a “F” for his handling of the crisis and criticized him for not coming forward after the catastrophe.

“I give Secretary Buttigieg an F. I mean, he hasn’t shown up,” Johnson said, “How can you be evaluated if you haven’t shown up? So, gets an F.”

Johnson has every right to criticize Buttigieg for appearing to care little about the people of East Palestine. After all, he is the secretary of transportation, and his agency’s department, trains, is responsible for the tragedy that is currently occurring in Ohio.

One would imagine that the transportation secretary would act quickly to ascertain what is happening, try to lessen the damage, and identify measures to guarantee that this does not happen again when there is a significant tragedy involving transportation that is making headlines.

Buttigieg, in contrast, has been a complete no-show and has appeared to care nothing for those now impacted by the perilous situation that is developing under his watch.

But at the same time, this is to be anticipated. Remember that Buttigieg was not chosen by Biden to be the secretary of transportation due to his qualifications, but rather because he is gay. Buttigieg was essentially hired only for his diversity.

Despite the ethical ramifications of Buttigieg’s lifestyle in one of the most important posts in the country, he has repeatedly proven himself to be an ineffective transportation secretary.

Throughout his administration, the nation’s transportation has faced crisis after crisis. He was in charge amid the supply chain crisis, the train strikes, the significant aircraft delays leading up to Christmas, and the Federal Aviation Administration’s technical problem last month that grounded all flights.

Buttigieg is currently dealing not just with the train catastrophe in East Palestine but also with potentially hazardous derailments in other regions of the country.

Hence, it is safe to argue that we should give Buttigieg an “F” for both his handling of this most recent issue and for his whole career up to this point as secretary of transportation.

In order for the Biden administration to check off diversity boxes, Buttigieg was not selected on the basis of his qualifications. Such strategy’s outcomes are devastating for the country.

East Palestinians and Americans in general likely agree that Buttigieg ought to step down and be replaced by a more capable candidate by the Biden administration.

Nevertheless, given that the Biden administration hasn’t exactly been known for its competence thus far, it could be better for him to remain in office because his replacement would likely be even worse.

But this is the Biden administration in a gross dereliction of its duty to the American people, and they are effectively waving the white flag of surrender and giving up on even trying.

That’s a scary thought considering we still have at least two more years of the Biden administration in command.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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