The CIA just delivered this scary news to Biden about China

Everyone in America has been on edge since the original spy balloon was discovered. But that was just the beginning.

Because the CIA just delivered this utterly scary news to Joe Biden about China.

Americans have been waiting for weeks now for answers regarding how the Chinese were able to spy on Americans with a spy balloon without the US government knowing for days on end.

It’s a scary reality. China has grown to be a superpower through its communist forced-labor state and insists that it will become the most powerful nation in the country.

So China being able spy on Americans has made everyone question just how good of a job Joe Biden and the Democrats in the executive branch are doing at securing our nation.

We already know that the southern border crisis has spiraled out of control. But do we now have a security crisis on all fronts?

Well the CIA has some answers to those questions, but they really aren’t reassuring.

Michael Morell is a former Deputy Director for the CIA and recently appeared on CBS to discuss what the Chinese motives were with the spy balloon.

Let’s just say his answers were concerning, to say the least.

Morell said that there were three motives for the Chinese to send this spy balloon.

First he said that it was to gain sensitive intelligence on U.S. Military bases on what we might be doing with military tech and how our military is currently operating.

“One is obviously intelligence collection of sensitive military sites,” the former CIA Deputy Director Morell began.

“But I think a second is political,” he added. “We fly many surveillance flights, not over China, but near China. The Chinese can’t do that, they don’t have military bases close enough to the United States.”

“So I think they are sending a message here that ‘Look we can spy on you too.'” Morell continued.

He suggests that the last reason the Chinese might be doing this is for their military purposes.

“And then finally I think there may be a military purpose. We can’t discount that. They may be considering, that should we ever go to war, that this might be a way to deliver weapons,” Morell added. “So I think there’s multiple things going on here.”

The CBS reporter responded with a question asking Morell what intel the Chinese would be getting from the spy balloon on our military bases.

Morell responded saying that there’s an idea out there that the Chinese already has more intel from their satellites than they would get from a spy balloon, but he said that’s assuming that their satellites are as good as the United States’.

“We can’t assume that their satellites are as good as ours. They may be getting photographs, better photographs, than they can get from their spy satellites. And they may be picking up signals intelligence… electronic eminations. That would in part allow them to better target their spy satellites.”

Morell may be a former CIA agent, but he still has to maintain some form of secrecy in his work and based on what he knows. That’s just how the CIA works.

So Morell admitting that the Chinese might be getting better intel on America is downright scary.

Joe Biden and the Democrats need to be held accountable for this failure. The only accountability appropriate is to be kicked out of office for good.

It’s hard to imagine, without any funny games assisting them, the Democrats being able to hold on to power in 2024. Not with Americans citing national security as one of their top issues right now.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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