The end of the Democrat Party is imminent after this one legal filing was made

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been an unmitigated disaster for the last year and a half. And it just got so much worse.

That’s because the end of the Democrat Party is imminent after this one legal filing was made.

The Democrat Party has been playing with fire ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

They couldn’t stand the fact that their Democrat nominee years in the making lost to an anti-establishment outsider like Donald Trump.

So they became more and more radical. They started playing with fire unlike any other Party in U.S. history.

Over the past few years, they’ve attempted to impeach Donald Trump twice, tried to block U.S. Supreme Court confirmations with false allegations, and they’ve demonized anyone who stands in their way.

Just consider how our President, Joe Biden, literally called tens of millions of Americans “threats” to our democracy as dangerous “MAGA Republicans” who voted for Donald Trump.

Simply put, the Democrat Party has become more radical than ever just in the past six years.

And some see the writing on the wall that the Democrat Party’s radicalism isn’t sustainable and will come back to haunt them.

One of those individuals is former Democrat Rep. from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard – who even ran as a Democrat for President in 2020 – recently put out a video claiming that she will be legally removing her affiliation to the Democrat Party.

What will really hurt the Democrats are the reasons why she is leaving.

Near the beginning of the announcement video, Tulsi said the Democrat Party has been reduced to an “elitist cabal of warmongers” and that they are “cowardly woke” and seek to undermine our religious freedoms.

She also confidently said that the Democrat Party’s weaponization of the government to go after political opponents drove her away from the Party.

That was just the start of it, however.

She continued to list dozens upon dozens of examples of how the Democrat Party is anti-freedom, anti-constitution, anti-free speech, and ultimately anti-America.

These include everything from the way they are in bed with Big Tech to censor political opponents to literally being unable to define the word “woman.”

You can check out the whole video for yourself below:

The news that Tulsi Gabbard was leaving the Democrat Party went viral all over the internet as hundreds of outlets picked it up immediately.

That’s because this is a huge problem for the Democrat Party and a bombshell for them.

Tulsi Gabbard eloquently exposed Democrats today and there’s simply no argument against what she said in her video. She used their own words against them and listed true example after true example.

This could be the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party, as many Democrat-leaning blocs seem to be turning away from the Democrats en masse.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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