The military sent Biden a warning letter that shocked everyone

Joe Biden

There’s no getting around the fact that Biden’s foreign policy and handling of the military has been a disaster. His administration’s been wildly unorganized on this front.

And the military just sent Biden a warning letter that shocked everyone.

When Joe Biden took to the stage in Pennsylvania to deliver a divisive, politically-motivated speech to demonize MAGA Republicans, many were critical of the fact that he had marines in the backdrop.

Historically, you never use the military to show force against your political opponents, as if to intimidate them.

That’s entirely foreign to what the Founding Fathers envisioned for our country.

Given the context of the speech, the Biden administration almost certainly set Marines in the backdrop to add an extra measure of “strength” for intimidation tactics.

Many former military officials are criticizing Biden for the move, regardless of how they felt about the speech.

And according to the reports, eight former Defense Secretaries and five former chairmen of the Joints Chiefs of Staff penned an open letter for the military and how to live during a time of extreme political polarization.

The letter begins by reading, “We are in an exceptionally challenging civil-military environment. Many of the factors that shape civil-military relations have undergone extreme strain in recent years. Geopolitically, the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ramping up of great power conflict mean the U.S. military must simultaneously come to terms with wars that ended without all the goals satisfactorily accomplished while preparing for more daunting competition with near-peer rivals.”

The letter goes on to list sixteen points that civilians and the military need to uphold during these times.

The first point even seems to jab right at Joe Biden saying that “Civilian control of the military is part of the bedrock foundation of American democracy.”

They even double-down on this in the third point, noting that civilian control of the military is “shared across all three branches of government. Ultimately, civilian control is wielded by the will of the American people as expressed through elections.”

To be clear, Joe Biden is not the first President in recent decades to use abuse the military for political gain and benefit.

Every President since Ronald Reagan has done that to some degree.

However, Joe Biden’s use of Marines during his speech in Pennsylvania took this to a whole new level.

He and his administration are acting more like dictators rather than elected officials who are responsible to American voters.

To get on stage and demonize all MAGA Republicans is authoritarian through and through.

It’s no coincidence that this open letter came just five days after Biden’s speech.

His speech served to grow more concerns that political polarization will tear us apart, not bring us together like he claims he’s doing.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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