The Pentagon is on high alert after being hit with a massive threat

The world seems to be crumbling down around us. This could be the spark that lights the powder keg.

And the Pentagon is on high alert after being hit with a massive threat.

Joe Biden’s foreign policy has plunged us further towards the possibility of World War III.

As it stands, Russia and Ukraine are in a bloody stalemate that uses billions of dollars in American equipment.

Meanwhile, Israel and Hamas are at each other’s throats and we’re inserting our military right into the fray.

Now that we’ve shown our hand, the Iranians are lobbing some sobering warnings to Americans.

Following a series of clashes between American troops and Iranian proxy forces, the United States and Iran moved closer to a full-fledged military showdown Thursday, as the Israel-Hamas conflict threatens to drag the entire Middle East into a new cycle of violence.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin attempted to avert an escalation. He stated that Pentagon commanders will “do everything in our power” to prevent a larger war from erupting over an increasingly tense and dangerous theater.

A top Hamas leader claimed this week that the militant group’s overarching goals are “perpetual” war with Israel and regional turmoil. He suggested that the quickly growing tensions are exactly what Hamas hoped to achieve with its terrorist attack on Israel on October 7.

The escalating U.S.-Iran conflict took another major step Wednesday, when American F-15 fighter aircraft attacked weapons stockpiles in Syria that the Pentagon said were utilized by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and associated militias.

These groups are suspected of carrying out scores of recent strikes on U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and nearby Syria.

Meanwhile, Iran-backed Houthi rebels shot down a U.S. drone off the coast of Yemen on Wednesday. It was the second direct clash on the same day between U.S. troops and Iranian proxies in different parts of the Middle East.

Hezbollah militia members in southern Lebanon have continued a simmering series of border clashes with Israeli troops, killing scores.

Despite U.S. warnings, Houthi rebels claimed to have launched a “barrage of ballistic missiles” against the Israeli Red Sea city of Eilat on Thursday.

The Israeli military said that a drone struck a school but caused no personal harm. Another unidentified missile was intercepted and destroyed over the Red Sea.

President Biden has ordered two strikes against Iran-backed militias, but some commentators argue that the White House has not responded aggressively enough, paving the path for inevitable American casualties.

“Iran has concluded that they can get away with murder,” said Michael Rubin, a former Defense Department official and now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

“They do not believe Biden has the wherewithal to do anything significant, whatever the provocation. So, expect Americans to come home in body bags.”

“Indeed, [Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] believes that he can force the U.S. to ‘pull an Afghanistan’ and withdraw completely from the region,” Mr. Rubin told The Washington Times.

“Weakness is provocative, and so the U.S. should expect further escalation from Iran and its proxies.”

The Israel-Hamas battle in Gaza shows no signs of stopping in the coming weeks and months.

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