The Supreme Court has released documents about Clarence Thomas with huge consequences

Clarence Thomas

Talk of ethics violations by Supreme Court Justices has been getting louder. Now we have brand new evidence.

Because the Supreme Court has released stunning new documents about Clarence Thomas.

The Democrats have been losing their minds over the Supreme Court lately, and that’s largely because the High Court has been handing down rulings that defend the U.S. constitution and the rights of Americans.

In 2022 and 2023 alone, the Supreme Court handed down rulings that effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, struck down unconstitutional laws in states like New York that were in conflict with the Second Amendment, and even put executive branch overreach on notice by handing Biden’s EPA an embarrassing loss.

The abortion issue is what really set off this firestorm, however. Ever since the Dobbs ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade was handed down in June of last year, top Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been calling the Supreme Court’s legitimacy into question.

This year, the radical Democrats have been going all out in their attacks on the Supreme Court by going after the individual Justices.

Clarence Thomas has been the one most brutally attacked by leftist extremists because he is the most conservative member on the court bench. He’s also one of the older Justices.

The Leftists have accused him of being bought out by GOP billionaires and allege that he is effectively using his position to bid out rulings to anyone who will lavish him with gifts more than the next guy.

But those who are saying Clarence Thomas is guilty of a lack of transparency no longer have any legs to stand on after the latest reports that have hit the news.

This week, Justice Clarence Thomas shared details in a report to the Supreme Court about three separate trips he took with a billionaire by the name of Harlan Crow.

Clarence Thomas said that these trips were completely innocent and that he did not commit any ethical violations during or after the trips. Furthermore, he said that on one of the trips to New York, he took a private plane because he was concerned about the Dobbs draft ruling potentially leaking.

“Because of the increased security risk following the Dobbs opinion leak, the May flights were by private plane for official travel as filer’s security detail recommended noncommercial travel whenever possible,” Thomas wrote.

The two other trips that he took to Dallas, Texas were for him to appear as a keynote speaker at an event with the American Enterprise Institute, a political research organization that is based in Washington, D.C.

Thomas’s lawyer went to bat for the long-tenured Justice, saying that it’s simply “unture” that Thomas has failed to follow the standard ethical guidelines.

“Justice Thomas’s critics allege that he failed to report gifts from wealthy friends. Untrue,” attorney Elliot Berke, Clarence Thomas’s laywer, said in a prepared statement.

“He has never accepted a gift from anyone with business before the Court. For anyone who knows him at all, it is clear that no one influences Justice Clarence Thomas’s jurisprudence. But friends are dear, close, and separate,” the Justice’s lawyer added.

Hopefully, this can put to rest the idea that Justice Clarence Thomas is somehow trying to hide something. All along, he has been trying to be as transparent as he can be, even about details of his own personal life.

The radical Left just can’t stand that the conservative Justices on the bench have a significant 6-3 majority that has led to major losses for the so-called “progressives” who want the court system to always do their bidding.

Maybe they should hold the Biden administration to the same ethical standards they have for Justice Clarence Thomas. How would that work out for them? Likely not very well.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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