The View’s Joy Behar just uttered the most moronic thing ever said on live TV

Leftists on TV love to act like they know everything. But they almost never do.

And now Joy Behar has said the most moronic thing you’ll ever hear from someone on live TV.

There’s probably nothing more misunderstood by radical Leftists than how firearms actually work, and that’s partly due to the Leftist media brainwashing millions of those on the Left into thinking that all guns are just scary and pointless to own.

Who can forget when CNN ran a segment about AR-15 rifles when a guest in their segment said that the AR-15 was “fully semi-automatic”?

The man in the segment was even in the army for decades! How does anyone even make it to become a lieutenant in the U.S. Army not knowing the correct terminology to use for differentiating between automatic and semi-automatic weapons? Not to mention how awful his form was, either.

Simply put, the Left doesn’t know how guns work. They don’t even try to pretend to get up to speed before they try to speak on the matter. They just want to scare Americans into giving them their votes when they campaign on being “pro common-sense-gun-control.”

This was made even more evident when The View’s Joy Behar decided to comment on the topic of gun control in the wake of the tragic events that took place in southern Maine in the town of Lewiston.

Joy Behar claimed that anyone who shoots a deer with an AR-15 cannot eat the meat from that deer because they have “demolished the animal.”

No, we’re not kidding. Watch the clip below:

Of course, the other braindead cohosts had nothing to say either. Behar even got an audible agreement from the others on the show.

This just goes to show you how completely clueless and uneducated the Leftists like Behar and the RINOs who are so quick to sell out the rights of Americans are on the topic of firearms.

First of all, very few people go hunting with an AR-15 at all. Behar would claim that this is proving her point. But what she doesn’t realize or is too moronic to understand is that no one uses AR-15 rifles to hunt dear because they actually often won’t do enough damage to down the dear.

Usually you will have to use follow-up shots and risk striking the deer multiple times, making the fur or the meat less desirable.

Compare this to shotguns, which are often way more practical for standard range deer hunting because they provide devastating stopping power. Often, you won’t need to follow up if you land a good buckshot spread or get a solid hit from a slug if you’re hunting longer distances.

The Left has this idea that the moment a round fired from an AR-15 touches anything, it just explodes with the power of a dying sun’s supernova. That’s just nonsense.

The morons like Behar love to talk about how “dangerous” the AR-15 is, and yet they literally say nothing about weapons that are actually far more devastating in close-to-moderate ranges like a standard 12-gauge shotgun.

In medium and long range scenarios, there’s plenty of more devastating weapons other than just the AR-15 as well. A traditional “hunting rifle” like a bolt-action chambered in .300 magnum or 6.5 Creedmoor do way more damage than a humble .223/5.56 round from a standard issue AR-15.

But you never hear these leftists going after hunting rifles, or the humble glock do you? No, because they want to hide the fact that they aren’t going after the AR-15 because of it’s “devastating power”.

They are targeting the AR-15 because it’s easier to brainwash the Leftist base into agreeing with them that those black guns are just too scary for the average American to own them.

The Left doesn’t want anyone to own guns at all. They loathe the Second Amendment and the rights of Americans to bear arms. It’s only ever been about control over American citizens. Not about protecting them.

If it were about protecting them, they would take a look at the deep blue, Democrat-controlled cities that have banned weapons entirely that continue to have rampant gun violence ever single week.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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