The White House went up in flames thanks to Biden’s billion dollar blunder

Joe Biden may go down in history as the most incompetent president to ever serve. There’s no doubting it after what he just did.

And the White House went up in flames thanks to Biden’s billion dollar blunder.

The Democrats have never been accused of being smart with other people’s money.

Unfortunately for Americans, that means shelling out billions and even trillions of dollars to other countries and unworthy recipients.

And now an accounting error is sending billions more over to fight someone else’s war in Ukraine.

The Pentagon has reportedly overestimated the value of weapons and equipment it has sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion dollars over the last two years.

An internal review discovered that the military had utilized the anticipated cost to replace the transferred equipment rather than the value recorded in the Pentagon’s books, according to Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh.

This disparity resulted in a $3.6 billion shortfall this fiscal year and a $2.6 billion loss in fiscal year 2022.

Because Congress has already appropriated the funds, the Pentagon has the right to make up the deficit without further legislation. Conveniently, this windfall arrives as Fiscal Year 2023 comes to a conclusion and existing Congressional funds for the war effort are running low.

“It’s just going to go back into the pot of money that we have allocated for the future Pentagon stock drawdowns,” Singh said.

The disclosure also coincides with the start of the long-awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive into Russian-occupied territory earlier this month.

As Ukraine forces began to explore the Russian line for flaws, the counter-offensive has primarily been exploratory.

Russia has retaliated by increasing the number of drone assaults on Kyiv. Early in the conflict, the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam was destroyed, resulting in a mass evacuation and a “ecological disaster.”

Throughout the war, the US has granted $113 billion in funding to Ukraine, as well as $40 billion in military aid.

The previous aid package, enacted by Congress last December, was intended to last until the end of fiscal year 2023 in September, but unanticipated costs caused by the counter-offensive may deplete those funds sooner.

While President Biden has publicly stated that the US will back Ukraine for “as long as it takes” to beat Russia, Republicans in Congress and a deteriorating public opinion may limit future aid as the war drags on with no end in sight.

Following a trend of hesitant increase in the amount of long-range materiel given to the war-torn nation, Biden approved attempts by the US and its allies to send F-16 warplanes to Ukraine and train its pilots to fly them last month.

On Tuesday, Moscow alleged that the Ukrainian military was planning to use British and American missile systems to hit targets in Russian-held Crimea, and warned that Russia would retaliate if this occurred.

Ukraine claims Crimea, but the Russian Federation acquired it in 2014 after an internationally condemned invasion.

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