This Democrat Congressman claimed he’s been chosen by God in this shocking video


Politicians always tend to think highly of themselves. But they never take it this far.

But this Democrat Congressman claimed he’s been chosen by God in this shocking video.

Politicians usually invoke God when they try to sell one of their pet projects to the faithful of America.

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden invoke their Catholic faith to justify abortion – even though the Church’s bishops excommunicate and admonish them.

Countless Democrats tell Americans to “welcome the stranger” by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood into our country, bringing crime, drugs, and disease.

But every now and again, one of them lifts the mask and we see exactly how special they think they are.

That’s exactly what Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) just did in a recent interview.

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said Sunday that it was “necessary” for him to “stay in power” because it was “Biblical” for him.

Clyburn, 82, made the statements during a Sunday interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan.

“Democrats are holding leadership elections in the coming week, you’re already in leadership, I know you will be standing for election to a different position,” Brennan said.

“But if it is time for a new generation as Speaker Pelosi had said, Why do you think it’s necessary for you to stay in power?” she asked. “Do you think the next generation needs you to guide them?”

“Well, I’ve always said there is a healthy respect, it’s Biblical with me,” Clyburn responded. “We need to have a healthy blend of strength and knowledge and look at our leadership.”

Immediately after invoking the Bible, Rep. Clyburn then awkwardly says that the South of the United States needs to be represented more.

“The South is left out of it and what I’m doing is trying to make sure that we do not tilt too far to the east or too far to the west,” he continued.

“But maintain what we have here. There’s no other southerner among the leadership ranks and we need the south. We need these historically black colleges and universities. If it weren’t for Georgia, where would the Senate be today? And the last time I checked, Georgia is south of South Carolina.”

Rep. Clyburn joins a small but growing sect of the Democrat party who believes they aren’t only right, but divinely appointed to fight against conservatives.

Before losing to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by almost 20 points, Democrat Charlie Crist compared himself to Jesus Christ in the lead-up to the election.

“You know, some people call him ‘DeSatan,’ have you heard that?” Crist continued. “DeSatan vs. that [points to a campaign sign of his last name.”

“Christ,” a few in the audience responded.

“Oh, think about it,” he said. “The choice is crystal clear. There’s no question about it. It is crystal clear. He’s bad. We’re good.”

For these Democrats, it isn’t a matter of differing opinion – it’s a Holy War against the Republican Party.

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