This top Democrat was just caught in a secret Chinese money scandal

Joe Biden

Many on the left have openly admired Communist regimes. But taking their funding crosses a line.

And this top Democrat was just caught in a secret Chinese money scandal.

Ever since the Chinese were discovered to be spying on the entire United States with balloons, the Biden administrations has taken it easy on them.

Kamala Harris even said China should face no repercussions for their flagrant violation of international law.

The Democrats’ handling of the Communist Chinese with kid gloves have led many in the conservative movement to question why they’re playing softball with America’s number one enemy.

But after Joe Biden was caught in a secret Chinese money scandal, everything became clear.

Joseph Biden announced the establishment of the Biden Institute at his home state’s University of Delaware on March 13, 2017, less than seven weeks after completing his second term as Vice President (UD). According to the announcement, part of Biden’s “vision for the institute is an annual conference at UD, similar to the World Economic Forum or the Aspen Institute.”

Several members of the Biden family were working on transactions worth millions of dollars with foreign businesses connected to the highest echelons of Chinese intelligence at the time of Biden’s statement at UD.

In addition, Biden’s other academic department at the University of Pennsylvania was probably improperly holding confidential information from the Obama-Biden administration.

UD had never revealed any Chinese funding prior to hosting the Biden Institute. Anonymous donations from China to UD increased a year later (and just two months after the Penn Biden Center opened its D.C. office).

The first payment was made in April 2018 by an unknown Chinese donor in the amount of $3,204,070. Another $1,869,515 anonymous contribution from China arrived in December 2018. In December 2019, a third unidentified China-linked payment of $624,904 arrived.

In 2020, the year Biden ran for president, unknown Chinese state-linked entities paid UD three more payments totaling $1,005,761, the majority of which arrived after Biden was declared president-elect.

Three of these Chinese gifts, totaling $1,005,761, were recorded as coming from a “Foreign Government Source,” according to U.S. Department of Education (DOE) data compiled from information supplied to the DOE by the University of Delaware.

It should be noted that none of the donations from China to the University of Pennsylvania following the establishment of the Penn Biden Center appear to have been reported to the DOE as coming from a “Foreign Government Source,” which led at least one fact-checker to conclude that the Penn Biden Center was being unfairly labeled as “China-funded” because the influx of funding from China to UPenn following its establishment was not gi

Three donations from China to the University of Delaware in the years following the Biden Institute’s founding, however, plainly bear the “Foreign Government Source” label.

The real DOE record entry for this identification asks, “Is this government funding?” The answer provided by the University of Delaware for these three donations is “Yes.”

Neither the Biden Institute nor the University of Delaware have replied to efforts to identify the Chinese donors or explain why the Chinese government opted to sponsor UD after the establishment of the Biden Institute.

Maybe the most enigmatic part of the Biden Institute is how it came to be.

The idea for the Biden Institute at UD was supposedly conceived by Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, while his father was still vice president.

Hunter Biden met with UD’s new president, Dr. Dennis Assanis, in March 2016, as he and his business associates planned to establish a “stage” to showcase the “Biden brand,” emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show.

Additional emails found on the laptop show Hunter and his business contacts were concerned about increasing Joe’s “future earnings potential” while he was still the vice president.

Hunter discussed plans for the Biden Institute at UD and the Biden Center at UPenn with a talent agent called Craig Gering one month after meeting with the incoming UD president, according to his laptop communications. Gering’s “confidential notes” disclose Hunter Biden’s aspirations to serve in some position at the Penn Biden Center, where classified materials were recently discovered to be illegally maintained.

Gering noted that the Biden academic ventures could operate like the “Clinton Global Initiative without the money raise.” GAI has documented that the Clinton Global Initiative was used to profit the Clinton family foundation through facilitating access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

The Clintons had to raise their own funding for their project, raising concerns about how the Biden programs would function “without the money raise.” Chinese government funding could be a part of the solution.

Gering’s final opinions on the Biden academic enterprises imply that they will be mostly about “wealth creation” for the Biden family.

These ventures began while the Biden family was personally collecting large sums of money — eventually $31 million — from deals linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, and while Hunter was paying his father’s bills — a potential crime while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.

Several members of the Biden family appear to have been involved in the Biden Institute’s planning.

UD has long retained troves of Biden’s Senate records — over 1,800 boxes — and has obstructed public access to these records. A judge chastised UD for its lack of transparency in June 2022. It is unknown what records, classified or otherwise, Biden’s vice presidency may have housed in the Biden Institute at UD.

Following the nearly tripling of the Penn Biden Center’s Chinese financing, the university addressed an open letter to the Justice Department urging for a stop to investigations into Chinese espionage within American colleges (UPenn stated due to worries about “racial profiling”). The Justice Department under Biden agreed.

But, there are reasons to assume that Chinese espionage at universities should be investigated further, not less, particularly at UD.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wrote to UD President Dennis Assanis in February 2022, demanding him to end UD’s academic and research collaboration with China’s Xiamen University.

Xiamen University allegedly collaborated with Huawei to acquire trade secrets from an American semiconductor firm and actively promotes Beijing’s military-industrial complex. UD looks to be continuing to collaborate closely with Xiamen University and its people.

The Justice Department, the FBI, and a special counsel are under increasing pressure to search Biden’s University of Delaware records for further secret data. When asked if President Biden had any objections to a check of his records at the UD last month, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre evaded.

Whether or not the White House opposes, investigators may look into the hidden Chinese funds flowing to both the UD Biden Institute and the Penn Biden Center.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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