Trump adviser drops a truth bomb on Biden’s DOJ

Stephen Miller

The Biden administration is on a mission to silence all its political opponents. But it’s backfiring.

Because a top Trump adviser just dropped a major truth bomb on Biden’s DOJ.

Earlier this week, news dropped that former President Donald Trump would be getting hit with another three extra charges from the Department of Justice in the classified document indictment case.

Many Americans eye-rolled at the news because it’s just getting to the point where it feels like we’re in a clown world.

What’s next? Is someone going to indict him for starting the Russia-Ukraine war? Is he guilty of killing a fly?

Anyone who isn’t a robot for the radical Left can see what’s going on here.

A former Trump administration adviser, Stephen Miller, recently said in an appearance on Newsmax that the Biden administration is opening a can of worms that they can’t put back by going down this path against Trump.

He argues that it’s obvious to any “impartial observer” that if Donald Trump wasn’t running for President, he wouldn’t be getting hit with more charges than the Germans after the Second World War.

“I think any fair, impartial observer understands that if President Trump was not running for reelection, if he had said I’m just going to go retire to Bedminster, retire to Mar-a-Lago, I’m not going to run for president again, there are no charges brought in any of these cases anywhere in the country, whether it be in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, or anywhere else,” Stephen Miller shared with House Rep. Matt Gaetz on Newsmax.

A few weeks ago, rumors started to fly that Donald Trump would also be getting hit with another indictment over allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election.

That indictment has not been realized yet, but Miller says that Donald Trump has a good case that he was by no means trying to start an insurrection.

“Nobody knows except for the people on Jack Smith’s team what possible criminal conduct he could allege related to a good faith public effort to ensure election integrity to file lawsuits, to raise objections with members of Congress, to document flagrant violations of the United States Constitution, including in a case in which I believe it was 19 states join the state of Texas in documenting the manifest violation of the Constitution that occurred in the election,” Miller added.

Stephen Miller added that he thinks that this is now dangerous ground for any conservative or Republican in the future.

In Miller’s opinion, anyone who dares question the narrative will be smacked with severe consequences like Trump.

“Under that theory that no matter what kind of criminal conduct occurs in any election in the future… [Republicans will] be thrown in jail.”

Furthermore, he notes that everyone has a right to simply question the results of an election.

The Electoral Count Act is a law passed by Congress that expressly stipulates that you have the right to raise these objections,” Miller noted.

“I think that’s a dark path from which there is no obvious point of return,” Miller ended.

It’s hard to disagree with Stephen Miller here. There’s now a new precedent that looks a lot more like a banana republic than the America that our Founding Fathers had in mind.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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