Trump attorneys send a game-changing request to federal judge

Donald Trump’s legal battles in court are now well underway. What happens next is critical.

That’s why Trump’s attorneys have sent this astonishing request to a federal judge.


Since this article was written, the federal judge involved in the Trump classified documents case has decided to pause all new litigation of the legal case.

At this time, it is unsure when the case will resume. Though the Trump legal team has suggested at least a three-month extension for the discovery process of the case.

Judge Aileen Cannon is currently reviewing the requests of the Trump legal team that are discussed in the article below.

Two of former President Trump’s attorneys are attempting to have the classified-documents prosecution against their client postponed until after the 2024 election.

In a court filing made on Wednesday, attorneys Todd Blanche and Christopher Kise asked U.S. district judge Aileen Cannon to postpone the trial date “until at least mid-November 2024.” The memo states that despite the promise made by the special counsel’s office on July 18 that “all discovery” would be made available beginning on “day one” of the case, not all evidence has been released.

Blanche and Kise claim that Smith has withheld over 25% of the classified information related to the superseding indictment from the discovery process.

Both parties cited the “lack of necessary secure facilities” where copies of the classified papers could be reviewed by the Trump defense team as a cause to delay the trial.

“In sum, the Special Counsel’s Office has failed to make very basic arrangements in this District for the handling of the relevant classified information, the holding of necessary [Classified Information Procedures Act] hearings, and the production of related work product by the Court and counsel,” the court motion stated. As a result, “the requested adjournments are necessary to allow time for these facilities to be established.”

Trump’s lawyers have objected to the trial date for the documents on the grounds that it conflicts with the date on which Smith’s indictment of the former president for election fraud will be heard in court.

Blanche and Kise noted that Trump and his legal team “currently require being in two places at once” due to the March 4, 2024 trial date in the District of Columbia and the underlying timeline in that case.

Cannon had originally set the Florida trial date for May 20, 2024, which is over two months after Super Tuesday in the Republican primaries. Notably, on March 5, one day after Trump’s election-fraud trial begins in Washington, D.C., Super Tuesday will take place across 15 states.

The attorneys came to the conclusion that there was “no good reason to continue on the current path” with respect to the date of the papers case. Trump’s attorneys conclude: “Therefore, President Trump respectfully submits that the adjournment requests should be granted.”

Trump has been hit with 44 federal counts between the two indictments filed by Smith and 47 state charges between the two indictments made by the district attorneys in Georgia and New York.

So far, none of the cases being brought against Donald Trump have been able to demonstrate any explicit wrongdoing on his part. They will have their day in court, but as it should be, Donald Trump is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

If the Democrats fail to get Trump on anything significant, this could come back to haunt them in a big way come November 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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