Trump makes another unexpected mug shot announcement

Everyone knows former President Donald Trump is the target of the radical Left. They’ve gone way too far.

And now Donald Trump has made another unexpected mug shot announcement that’s left jaws on the floor.

The presidential campaign of former Republican U.S. President Donald Trump has released new holiday wrapping paper using his mug shot photo that was released a few months ago.

The wrapping paper, released on Sunday, can be purchased for $35 on the Trump campaign’s merchandising store. You can even find wrapping paper featuring a picture of the former president in a Santa hat and his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” written on a green backdrop.

It’s presumably a tribute to Trump’s bid to become the 47th president of the United States, but the wrapping paper will also be given out to anybody who pays $47 to the Trump campaign.

The arrest photo of Trump from earlier this year is connected to one of the charges against him, such as his alleged effort to alter the results of the 2020 election in Georgia. He has since printed the image on T-shirts, mugs, and posters, among other stuff.

In late August, Trump generated roughly $9.4 million in just under a week from sales of mug shot photo products.

In 2024, both he and President Joe Biden will be running for reelection to the presidency. Trump is currently leading the Republican primary, therefore he will likely be the party’s nominee in 2024.

On Wednesday, polling statistics for the presidential election of 2024 were made public, and they showed that Trump had 47% of the vote. Emerson College Polling found that 43% of respondents backed Biden, while 10% were on the fence about their preference.

This is a prime example of how the Trump campaign uses the attacks from the radical Left against themselves and for the benefit of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump knows that not everyone is going to support him, and he doesn’t care to act like everyone will want to support him in his bid to become president once again.

However, what he does know is that many everyday Americans watch the antics on the radical Left, like prosecuting a former U.S. president and leading presidential candidate, and believe it’s entirely unfair.

His campaign is masterful at tapping into those emotions of being sick and tired of the political class getting away with whatever they want to protect themselves.

In 2016, it was all about the border and getting it under control so the U.S. would stop paying the price for illegal immigration running rampant.

In 2024, that’s still a big deal, but it’s clear that the Trump campaign is using the legal attacks on Donald Trump as the lead issue this time around.

With how successful that has been so far, it’s hard to blame him too.

At one point, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a top candidate and was even expected to be the 2024 Republican nominee with Donald Trump still reeling from 2020.

That has all changed now. DeSantis may have to wait until 2028 with Donald Trump quickly storming to the front of the pack in the polls leading up to the start of the Republican primary race in 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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