What this Democrat did to a Cop is flat-out disgusting

We all know Democrats have a gross disdain for police officers and law-enforcement. But they’ve gone way too far.

And what this Democrat did to a cop is flat-out disgusting beyond belief.

The war that the radical Left has waged on police officers and cops goes back decades.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, so-called “progressives” were targeting law-enforcement with violence in their protests.

Protests against war and violence in general is all fine and dandy. But when you then get violent and start targeting those who are there to protect the peace, you’ve simply lost it.

While the Left’s disdain for law-enforcement died down between the 1980s and 2000s, it exploded in the 2010s and now in the 2020s.

Fake News Media outlets like CNN started to reignite the flames of race relations by painting an unsubstantiated view that police were targeting innocent black men.

There’s no data that suggests that any law enforcement agency in the entire country are targeting any one particular race.

But you can count on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC to imply such a fallacy on their networks 24/7.

Then when George Floyd died in 2020, it kicked off a firestorm unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.

Black Lives Matter riots caused unfathomably damage in dozens of cities in America, and it was the full reignition of the Democrat’s contempt for cops and law-enforcement.

But one Democrat in particular went way too far this time.

According to reports, the daughter of the Massachusetts Democrat U.S. Representative Katherine Clark has been arrested for violently attacking a police office during a protest.

Her daughter has also been accused of vandalism.

Newsmax reports:

The daughter of Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Katherine Clark was arrested for attacking a police officer at a rowdy Boston Common protest in which a cop was bloodied in a punch to his face.

Riley Dowell, 23, is accused of defacing the landmark Parkman Bandstand Monument with spray paint on Saturday night, and was awaiting arraignment Sunday, the Boston Globe reported.

According to the police reports, Dowell was caught spray painting a monument with what read “NO COP CITY” and slurs against police.

Katherine Clark tweeted admitting that her daughter was arrested and seemingly chalked it up to the “parenting process” and didn’t take any responsibility as the parent.

While Riley Dowell is an adult at the age of 23 and is responsible as an adult, Katherine Clark is not innocent in this either.

It’s not surprising that it was the child of a Democrat who attacked a cop.

It doesn’t seem too likely that you’ll see Ron DeSantis’ kids grow up to be individuals who go around inciting violence against cops, for example.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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