You won’t believe what this Democrat Governor got caught doing to children

Gavin Newsom

The Left is getting more radical by the day. And their newest target is the children of America.

You won’t believe what this Democrat Governor got caught doing to children.

The Democrat party has long been the political arm of the socialist elite who want to remake our society into their utopia.

For decades, they’ve been crafting the economy to their liking by crippling small businesses and the average American with taxes and regulations.

They’ve ensured the decline of the American family and made this country a laughingstock on the world stage.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they are now drawing children into their sick, twisted schemes.

The past year has been a boon for conservatives exposing the reality behind the gender ideology that has infected hospitals and schools.

Commentators like Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire have shown how there is a concerted effort on the part of Leftists to profit off dangerous gender transition drugs and surgeries for children.

Not only that but American public schools have been infiltrated by radical activist teachers who push LGBT propaganda onto children as young as kindergarten.

California Governor Gavin Newsom can’t contain his glee for butchering your children, and that’s why he just made it that much easier to force kids under the knife.

On Thursday, Newsom signed SB 107, making California a “sanctuary state” for children to obtain “gender-affirming surgery and drugs.”

SB 107 “would prohibit a provider of health care, a health care service plan, or a contractor from releasing medical information related to a person or entity allowing a child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care in response to a criminal or civil action” from any state that bans transgender surgery or drugs for minor children under 18.

It would also restrict the California police from enforcing arrest warrants for transgender treatments for minors that are criminalized in their own states.

States like Texas have made it clear that they will investigate parents who encourage their children’s delusion through irreversible drugs and mutilation as abusers.

But under Newsom’s law, an abusive parent could bring their child to California and have them butchered on the surgeon’s table even if the other parent opposes the surgery!

On top of that, SB 107 was sponsored by State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who is infamous for a 2020 bill endangering children.

In the 2020 bill, penalties were reduced adults who had oral or anal sex with a “willing” minor child within ten years of their age by removing a requirement that they register as sex offenders.

And word to the wise for anyone who has children and wants to visit California, that 2020 bill became law after Newsom signed it in September of the same year.

The clear line separating good and evil between conservatives and Leftists is only getting more distinct thanks to radical politicians like Gavin Newsom.

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