You’ll never guess which Democrat said Osama Bin Laden was a better person than Trump

The radical Left makes its fortune on demonizing its political opponents and making excuses for its radical gaggle of rioters. There’s no end to how low radical Leftists will go.

But what one prominent Democrat said praising Osama Bin Laden left many people scratching their heads.

The Democrat party has gone headlong into covering for their most violent extremists.

Whether it’s backing Biden’s eco-terrorist pick for the Bureau of Land Management or calling the massive Black Lives Matter riots that caused billions of dollars of damage “mostly peaceful,” it’s clear the Left plays by a different set of rules.

And in the wake of the FBI raid of Trump’d Mar-a-Lago estate, an infamous Leftist thinker has claimed that the conspiracy to deny President Trump a second-term was not only real but “warranted.”

Sam Harris, host of the award-winning podcast “Making Sense,” was recently interviewed on the TRIGGERnometry podcast where he defended Big Tech’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election.

Harris even said “Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement. I would not have cared.”

But what should we expect from someone who just last year said “I think Osama Bin Laden was almost certainly a better person than Donald Trump.”

He didn’t just say that once, either. He doubled down and appeared on multiple podcasts to claim that he has more respect for Osama than Trump and that Osama was psychologically healthy.

After claiming Donald Trump fairly winning a second term as president would be like an asteroid striking the Earth, TRIGGERnometry host Konstantin Kisin shot back noting that Harris was effectively arguing for a plot to “destroy democracy in the process of protecting democracy.”

And it didn’t take long for conservatives across social media to call out Harris.

Popular conservative commentator Jack Posobiec wrote “I think it’s funny people are surprised Sam Harris thinks this way. There’s a whole segment of the country that thinks this way. They want Trump’s family and yours in jail. Wake up,” as he shared the clip.

Maximum Truth blogger Maxim Lott said that “Sam Harris says out loud what the NYT/CNN/WaPo ‘journalists’ who covered up the Hunter scandal knew privately: it’s not that the story was untrue, but that it’d help Trump, & they hate Trump.”

With the November elections almost here, it’s anybody’s guess what Big Tech and the mainstream media have up their sleeves.

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