Americans are utterly p*ssed off after hearing about this new Democrat handout for illegals

The Democrats don’t care about red-blooded Americans anymore. Especially after what they’re doing for illegals now.

Because this new handout for illegal immigrants will leave you splitting with rage.

Maine has begun to cover the rent of illegal immigrants living in the midcoast town of Brunswick, adding to the nationwide disruption caused by the ongoing border issue.

Fifty immigrant families were given brand new apartment homes in five new buildings in Brunswick, Maine, which is around thirty minutes north of Portland, with almost $3.5 million supplied by the state. A report was submitted to the state’s Joint Select Committee on Housing in December 2023 stating that all of the buildings will be ready for occupation by February.

“Rent payments for up to two years while households navigate the federal work authorization process and secure employment.” That’s what the Emergency Housing Relief Fund promised in addition to funding the building. The undocumented immigrants’ beds and service coordination costs are part of the hefty sum.

To aid undocumented immigrants in Brunswick, South Portland, and Lewiston with the asylum and work permit applications, MEIRS is also using $100,000 from the fund. “Work together to support each other’s goals and achieve long-term stability with the help of a bridging case manager/coach,” the announcement added, describing how the funds will benefit illegal immigrant family members.

Avesta Housing’s West End II, a 52-unit building in South Portland, was converted into a housing facility for undocumented immigrants in 2023 with the support of the fund. The project also received funding for “payment of their rent for up to two years until they fully navigate federal work authorization rules and secure employment.”

The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project in the Portland region received $250,000 from the 2024 emergency fund budget. This money will be used as an “additional grant to support expansion of legal assistance to asylum seeking households.” The project aims to assist over 1,000 illegal immigrants.

After receiving additional funding in future years, the Emergency Housing Relief Fund Program in Maine has increased its worth from $22 million when it was established in April 2022 to $55 million.

According to the Daily Mail, the Biden administration’s indifference at the border resulted in 10,000 apprehensions a day for multiple days in December, forcing numerous states, including Maine, to adapt to an influx of illegal immigrants. Many Americans, including moderates and Democrats, are particularly concerned about the border and inflation, which is contributing to President Biden’s steadily declining approval ratings.

Seventy percent of respondents, including 55% of Democrats, think the government should implement additional regulations to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, according to a poll conducted in December. Almost a third of voters ranked immigration as a top national concern, just behind inflation and price hikes.

Conservatives are sounding the alarm on how damaging unfettered illegal immigration is for the future of the stability of American society.

Illegal drug proliferation is running rampant in southern regions throughout the United States and the Biden administration is acting as if it’s a non issue entirely.

Encounters with illegal immigrants at the U.S. southern border with Mexico has exploded under the Biden administration thus far, and that can’t entirely be chalked up to the CBP somehow just catching millions more people they weren’t catching under the Trump administration or Obama administration.

This issue could very well be the undoing of Joe Biden and the Democrats heading into the 2024 general election season this year.

Inflation continues to ravage bank accounts, illegal immigration is left unchecked, and the world is a less safe place today than it was four years ago. And Americans are sick of it if the polls are any indication at all.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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