FBI report catches Joe Biden with his pants down

The White House has been lying to the American people. Now there’s proof.

Because this FBI report has caught Joe Biden with his pants down.

According a new FBI report, its database that examines people’s backgrounds for gun sales has more than 13.9 million records associated with illegal immigrants.

A database of records of persons who are barred from acquiring a handgun is maintained by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). According to the bureau’s report, there were nearly 14 million records of illegal or unauthorized aliens in the database of the NICS as of October 31.

According to the FBI, the nearly 14 million records that pertain to illegal immigrants do not reflect specific persons but rather distinct prohibitive events like arrest, conviction, or commitment to a mental hospital.

“The NICS Indices contain descriptive information of individuals who are prohibited from receiving a firearm-related permit based on federal or state firearm prohibitions,” the FBI shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“An individual is entered into the NICS indices based on each prohibiting event. If there is more than one prohibiting event, then a person could have multiple entries in the NICS Indices,” explained the FBI.

An arrest, conviction, disqualifying protection order, involuntary admission to a mental hospital, etc., are all examples of forbidding events that, according to the FBI, “trigger a new entry into the NICS Indices.”

The FBI released statistics showing that 47,930 handgun transactions to illegal or unauthorized foreigners were denied using the NICS database between November 1988 and November 2023.

In their statement, the FBI stated that 99.5% of the data stored on the records of illegal aliens in NICS is contributed by ICE and Customs and Border Protection. Local and state governments may also send representatives.

According to a 2018 Government Accountability Report, it is “a felony under federal law” to “make false written statements on” a firearms purchase form. Nevertheless, it was mentioned in the same study that prosecution has been avoided by some of those who were denied firearms. Roughly 112,000 people had their NICS applications denied in fiscal year 2017, and as of June 2018, just 12 people have been prosecuted.

“A small percentage of individuals who falsify information on a firearms form (e.g., do not disclose a felony conviction) and are denied a purchase are investigated and prosecuted by federal and selected state law enforcement agencies that process firearm-related background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS),” according to the GAO report.

Federal statistics show that the number of undocumented immigrants entering the nation across the southern border has reached historic highs in the past several years. More over two million migrant interactions were documented by the Border Patrol along the U.S.–Mexico border in fiscal year 2022, and over two million in fiscal year 2023.

According to a former federal official who worked for the ATF, there is concern that illegal immigrants could still be able to obtain firearms through a licensed dealer.

He stated that even if the NICS database does not show any evidence of an illegal alien, it is still possible for them to purchase a handgun if they commit the felony of providing false information about their citizenship on the application or if they have a driver’s license from a state that permits noncitizens to do so.

“As long as you have a license and no history, you can buy guns. This is really an open door for terrorists and those wishing to do us harm to be able to acquire firearms,” claimed Forcelli.

Forcelli exposed the Operation Fast and Furious government scheme of the Obama administration when they tried to covertly follow illegal gun purchases that are making their way back to Mexico cartels and violent criminals.

To do this, the Obama administration specifically allowed criminals to purchase firearms in the United States in order to see if they would make their way across the border and discover where they would end up.

The Joe Biden administration, however, has been taking a much different approach to issues than the Obama administration. Joe Biden and his White House lackeys all swear up and down that the illegal immigration issue is completely and totally under control by them.

They even suggest that they are doing a better job of policing the southern border than any administration in American history. Somehow, Americans are supposed to believe this.

The data simply doesn’t support this at all. This FBI report shows that the issue of illegal aliens trying to purchase firearms illegally is not getting any better whatsoever. Illegal immigrants continue to try to get firearms as they have for years and years.

Donald Trump is in no way a political savior and he’s not perfect by any means. That being said, he’s one of the only major presidential candidates of the last three election cycles willing to acknowledge that the illegal immigration issue needs more attention and work done.

Joe Biden just wants to brush all the facts under the rug, no matter how bad they are.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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