Federal judge signs off on insane Joe Biden order to destroy the southern border

Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem at the southern border. The Biden admin is only making it worse.

And now a federal judge has signed off on this crazy Joe Biden order to destroy the southern border’s protection.

A federal court has denied Texas’ motion to prohibit HHS and Customs and Border Protection personnel from destroying razor wire along the state’s border with Mexico.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Alia Moses rejected Texas’ request to indefinitely halt the destruction of the fence barrier that the Lone Star State erected to deter illegal immigration. Eagle Pass, Texas, has been the site of thousands of illegal immigrants coming into the United States in the past few months; the same court issued a temporary restraining order to Texas in late October prohibiting the Biden administration from dismantling the concertina wire in that area in particular.

Barring any serious medical crises, the fencing would stay up thanks to the temporary order. Migrant and environmental groups have spoken out against the wire after several people trying to enter the United States illegally become entangled in it.

Due to a lack of proof that CBP officials had broken the law by severing the razor wire, Moses recently issued an order favoring the executive branch headed by the Biden regime. But she did condemn the Biden administration’s border policies over the past three years and gave Texas a chance to present its case later on.

The judge, originally nominated by George W. Bush, stated that “the immigration system at the heart of it all, dysfunctional and flawed as it is,” and that it may be effective if put into practice correctly. “Instead, the status quo is a harmful mixture of political rancor, ego, and economic and geopolitical realities that serves no one. So destructive is its nature that the nation cannot help but be transfixed by, but simultaneously unable to correct, the present condition.”

“What follows here is but another chapter in this unfolding tragedy. The law may be on the side of the Defendants and compel a resolution in their favor today, but it does not excuse their culpable and duplicitous conduct,” Moses asserted of the Biden administration.

On Thursday, Attorney General Ken Paxton made the announcement that he had already filed an appeal against the decision. In a press statement, Paxton expressed his disappointment over the federal government’s ongoing efforts to undermine law and order along the border between his state and Mexico. “Biden’s doctrine of open borders at any cost threatens the safety of our citizens, and we will continue to fight it every step of the way.”

While commenting on the judge’s ruling, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he agrees with Paxton’s “immediate appeal… to ensure that Biden is swiftly held accountable.”

In 2021, Texas launched Operation Lone Star to discourage migrants from crossing the border illegally and redirect them to ports of entry designated by the state. One component of this campaign was the construction of the razor-wire barrier. Recent installations of concertina wire and buoy barriers to block migrants’ passage over the Rio Grande have brought Abbott criticism.

Following a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against Texas last summer for its refusal to remove the floating obstacles, the governor is now taking aim at the Biden administration in relation to these barriers.

The Biden administration continues to receive poor marks on their handling of the issue of illegal immigration and border security as a whole.

Polls of the southern states have demonstrated that the Biden administration has an embarrassingly bad approval rating when it comes to their handling of immigration. Some polls of Americans living in southern states show that upwards of 75% disapprove of how the federal government is handling immigration and border security.

In 2020, border security was an issue, but it was eclipsed by the pandemic panic that many believe helped get Joe Biden elected. Now a few years later, Americans are once again growing more concerned about the impact illegal immigration is having on the nation.

This could be a sore spot that Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate, could easily exploit in a general election against Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The idea that the Biden administration is doing nothing to address illegal immigration and continues to get in the way of Republican governors and local authorities from doing their job is absolutely insane.

You can be sure that Donald Trump will bring that up on the debate stage as much as possible should Trump and Biden meet once again come November 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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