Greg Abbott can’t believe what Kristi Noem just offered to do for him

Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn’t have this one on his bingo card. Kristi Noem has broken ranks for him.

And Greg Abbott can’t believe what Kristi Noem just offered to do for him.

According to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Abbott is making the correct decision by remaining firm in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that vacated a lower court’s order prohibiting U.S. Border Patrol agents from accessing the park. The park has allegedly been a hub for illegal migrants, and two conservative justices sided with liberals in this decision. While the case is pending, Border Patrol officers are authorized by the court to cut the concertina wire that Texas had placed along the border at Eagle Pass.

“I’ll drive in more razor wire from South Dakota if I have to, for Abbott to do his job,” said Noem on America Reports.

“What people forget is that governors are commanders-in-chief. We’re responsible for the men and women of our National Guard. It’s a heavy responsibility that weighs on our shoulders, and so we never engage our National Guard soldiers and those men and women unless it’s incredibly important.”

Abbott earlier this week justified his defiance of the order by arguing that the states should not be subject to the caprices of a “lawless president” and that the Founders intended for the federal government’s executive branch to uphold laws safeguarding states.

Abbott has received support from other governors, including Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

According to Noem, the border has long been designated as a “war zone,” and her state’s guard has been deployed to the border on many occasions to carry out the duties of the Biden administration that they fail to do, even though her state is located hundreds of miles north of Mexico.

Additionally, she mentioned that the agents working for Biden also do not approve of the president’s careless approach to the situation.

“Biden is so out of touch. He is remaking this country. We will be Europe within a year or two if we allow President Biden to continue this invasion of our country,” Noem expressed. “Over 6 million people have come here illegally. It is time to stand our ground, and we’ll be down there standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Gov. Abbott.”

While Abbott maintains his position, Democrats, including two Texas federal legislators, are urging Biden to take over the state’s National Guard troops, also known as federalizing them.

The Austin, Texas lawmaker Greg Casar tweeted that Biden should intervene if Abbott refuses to budge.

A representative from San Antonio, Texas, Joaquin Castro agreed with Casar about the idea of Biden taking over control of the National Guard in Texas.

But Fox News reports that Eagle Pass’ U.S. congressman has said that the federal government would be foolish to take any action.

“Biden better not — you know he may be a fool, but I hope he’s not an idiot,” Rep. Tony Gonzales argued.

“If we go down that route… talk about lighting a match to a very already delicate situation,” Gonzales advised Thursday.

“How many Americans have to die before this Biden border crisis comes to an end, not to mention the number of migrants that are drowning every single week?”

Gonzales elaborated by saying he had just returned from Mexico City, where he emphasized the need for the Mexican government to join forces with the United States in protecting the most vulnerable citizens and securing the border.

At the same time, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas stated that Biden “deliberately broke the border” and rejected the idea that additional government funding is necessary to adequately protect it.

“Biden could solve this problem tomorrow — he doesn’t want to,” stated Cruz.

He stated that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and President Joe Biden are prepared to “overlook the death, suffering, and brutalization of women and children” as the situation worsens because they both see migrants and illegal immigrants as lifelong Democratic voters.

“All of those are acceptable prices to pay for Democrats to stay in power,” added the Texas U.S. Senator.

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