Jill Biden just made the most hilariously stupid comment about her husband

First Lady Jill Biden’s made a big mistake. She’s put a target on her back.

Because Jill Biden just made the most hilariously stupid comment about her husband.

In a scathing attack on Trump, Jill Biden accused the former president of attempting to undermine a border compromise “for his own political benefit” and of bringing disgrace onto her husband, Joe Biden. She said that Donald Trump was trying to make her husband “look bad” ahead of the 2024 election cycle.

At a Houston event on Saturday night, the first lady launched an assault following Trump’s vocal opposition to a Senate-worked border agreement.

“You see what happened today with the border, and now Trump is trying to do everything he can to make Joe look bad, you know, even at the lives — sacrificing lives of so many people just for his own political gain,” she said to donors of Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

“I know it’s early to start, but I want you to sort of think after you leave tonight that yes, I am committed to a democracy. And yes, I’m going to fight as hard as I can and not let anything like 2016 happen again.”

Maybe Jill Biden isn’t aware of this, but it’s in your best interest to make your political opponent look bad, especially during an election season.

It’s in Donald Trump’s best interest to highlight how much of a failure Joe Biden and his administration has been in handling the worsening situation at the southern border with Mexico.

Over the course of three days, Jill Biden traveled to South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas to solicit donations for her husband Joe’s campaign while also praising his administration’s achievements.

After the president’s initiatives backfired, she became more involved in the campaign and began attacking Republicans. The “MAGA Republicans” are being portrayed by both of the Bidens as divisive and anti-democratic.

After President Biden supported stringent new border restrictions proposed in the Senate, including closing the U.S.-Mexico border, she launched an attack on Trump.

First lady Jill Biden’s stance on family separations and President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” initiative have had a significant impact on Biden’s border strategy, according to his advisers who spoke with the Wall Street Journal.

While campaigning in 2020, Jill Biden paid a visit to a migrant camp in Matamoros, Mexico, which is located close to the southern border.

Senate Republicans have linked the border deal to funding for Ukraine, another agenda item for the Biden administration. President Biden has also jumped on the bandwagon since it resolves a political clout issue during his reelection campaign.

The 2024 campaign is coming into sharp focus, and Biden’s backing for the border deal stands in stark contrast to his previous position, when he prioritized “humanitarian” measures. Meanwhile, Trump appears to be solidifying his position as the Republican candidate for president after his recent victories in New Hampshire and Iowa.

As he continues to campaign on the topic of the border, which has been a winning issue for Republicans, Trump has criticized the latest Senate bill.

“We need a Strong, Powerful, and essentially ‘PERFECT’ Border,” Trump shared with his followers on Truth Social this week.

“We are better off not making a deal” if Republicans don’t accomplish those aims, the former president added.

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