Joe Biden’s stomach dropped after seeing this horrifying footage


The Biden presidency is crumbling. Every day brings a new disaster to the failing administration.

And Joe Biden’s stomach dropped after seeing this horrifying footage.

The Biden presidency can’t seem to stay out of the news because of all their scandals.

No matter how hard he tries, Biden’s administration is failing because he staffed it with inept and partisan allies rather than with people qualified to do the job.

It’s no wonder the country is on fire, with multiple bank runs happening in the past few days, inflation still the highest in decades, and the American people sick and tired of Biden’s leadership.

One of his biggest scandals has been how he has allowed the southern border to be overrun by illegal immigrants without any repercussions.

Some have even wondered if Biden is deliberately trying to overwhelm the system – a question someone should ask him.

And now we have video of thousands of illegals trying to force entry into the United States on Sunday.

Hundreds of migrants attempted unsuccessfully to enter the United States through a crossing that connects Mexico and Texas on Sunday, causing chaos at the southern border.

American officials were able to halt the mass flow of migrants, largely from Venezuela, who broke past Mexican borders to seek refuge in the United States.

They encountered barbed wire, obstacles, and shields that barred them from passing.

The attempt to enter the United States comes after migrants had difficulty obtaining appointments to claim asylum through a new federal government app.

On Sunday, many of the migrants there had little children with them.

According to Reuters photographs, some migrants attempted to flee by throwing an orange, plastic barrier at the US border. Some migrants alleged they were pepper sprayed in order to push them back.

“Please, we just want to get in so we can help our families,” said Camila Paz, an 18-year-old Venezuelan as she sobbed. 

“So I can have a future and help my family.”

Paz described her position as “horrible, horrific.” She’s been attempting to cross the border for a month and is out of money.

The software, called CBP One, has been plagued by problems and excessive demand, according to migrants, while the US Department of Homeland Security has stated that recent modifications should speed up the process.

The crowd eventually gave up as others dispersed to the banks of the River Grande, where Customs and Border Protection authorities observed them from the other side.

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