Senate Republicans release incriminating video of a top Democrat Senator

The elections are heating up fast. All of Congress is on the table.

But now Senate Republicans have tipped the scales in their favor by releasing this one video.

An advertisement criticizing Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester’s stance on illegal immigration was issued on Tuesday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), highlighting that Tester has flip-flopped on the issue of immigration time and again.

Tim Sheehy, a Republican candidate for Senate who has Trump’s support and was a former Navy SEAL, will likely challenge Tester in November’s general election. Tester has been serving the red state as a blue senator since 2007. In the newly released video, the Senate GOP’s campaign arm is accusing Tester of being in favor of amnesty. The arm is also blasting Tester for claiming that President Joe Biden has “helped” secure the border and arguing against the building of a barrier.

A spokesperson for the Republican campaign arm of the U.S. Senate, Maggie Abboud, informed reporters that “Two-Faced Jon Tester is talking tough on the border now that it’s an election year, but Montanans won’t forget Tester’s long record of backing disastrous open-borders policies that caused the current crisis.”

Conservatives quickly blocked the Senate’s border security bill because it was too lax, but Tester has since demanded stricter measures to combat illegal immigration but also stated his support for the Senate border bill that many believe is not significant enough.

The Republican-led House impeached Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), for his mismanagement of the southern border on February 13 due to the spike in illegal immigration during the Biden administration.

“The big issue here is we need to make sure the southern border is secure, and I think the president has helped do that,” Tester apparently says in the NRSC’s commercial.

The border issue has not improved Biden’s standing in the polls. According to a Gallup poll that came out on Wednesday, the president’s critics are most upset over his handling of immigration policy.

“Congress needs to step up and pass a long pathway to citizenship,” Tester says in the commercial clip. This was followed by a previous video of the senator stating that he is opposed to constructing “a fence or a wall or anything like that.”

“Jon Tester talks tough on the border, but what’s his real record?” the ad asked prospective voters. “Tell two face Tester — secure the border now.”

According to The Cook Political Report, the 2024 Senate contests for Arizona’s independent Kyrsten Sinema and Ohio’s Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown are both viewed as “Toss Ups,” as is Tester’s seat.

On Thursday, a survey by NonStop Local/SurveyUSA showed that in a general election matchup, the senator had a 49% to 40% edge against Sheehy, who had been endorsed by the NRSC. Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, who ran for the seat for a short time, was similarly defeated by Tester in the poll by the same percentage.

Following Trump’s endorsement of Sheehy in the primary, Rosendale withdrew from the race on Thursday, despite launching his long-awaited Senate candidacy on February 9.

American trust in the Biden administration on this issue is at record low levels, and for good reason.

Last week, the House Oversight Committee learned from an immigration judge that he wasn’t entirely sure that an individual he had published a court order to remove from the country was actually removed by the Biden administration.

This had led to an overwhelming majority of Americans indicating in surveys that they trust leading Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, way more than Joe Biden. How much more? How about the tune of eighteen points?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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