Sickening photos of Joe Biden’s border disaster leak for all to see

The situation at the southern border is worsening. The Biden admin wants to keep it under wraps.

But sickening photos of Joe Biden’s border disaster have leaked that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Early insider information acquired first by the Daily Caller News Foundation indicates that less than three months into fiscal year 2024, the number of interactions with migrants breaching the southern border illegally exceeded 547,000, according to Border Patrol.

Based on federal data dating back to 1999, the current number of interactions, which reached 547,593 on Thursday morning, surpasses the first three months of any fiscal year prior to President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The federal government reports that during October and December of 2022, there were 634,832 interactions between Border Patrol and illegal immigrants.

Federal statistics show that there were 153,613 encounters documented by Border Patrol during the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, compared to 101,779 encounters documented over the same time-frame in fiscal year 2020.

Between October and December of fiscal year 2021, it logged 209,342 encounters, while in the same months of fiscal year 2022, it recorded 496,730.

The data demonstrated that the three regions of the southern border, namely Del Rio, Rio Grande Valley, and Tucson, surpassed holding capacity as of early Thursday.

With over 24,000 illegal migrants in detention nationally, Border Patrol was operating at full capacity. There were 8,388 undocumented immigrants let into the nation on Wednesday by Border Patrol.

The data shows that the Del Rio area of Texas, which includes Eagle Pass, was over 190% capacity.

On Tuesday night, after releasing over 6,000 migrants into the nation, Border Patrol had over 23,000 migrants in their custody.

Border Patrol agents are currently facing a significant struggle with the encounter numbers across the southwest border. The senior official carrying out the responsibilities of the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Troy A. Miller, spoke to the DCNF on Wednesday, saying that in order to confront this challenge, the government is utilizing all its resources to guarantee the safety of its agents, officers, and the migrants who are frequently deceived and harmed by transnational criminal organizations.

The smugglers, according to Miller, are carelessly placing migrants in dangerous situations, such as in rural areas across the border, aboard trains, or in the Rio Grande River.

“We continue to go after the smugglers and are implementing new measures to impose consequences on transportation companies including bus and van lines used by smuggling organizations and nefarious actors to move migrants through northern Mexico and to our southwest border. CBP and our federal partners need additional funding from Congress so that we can continue to effectuate consequences for those who do not use the established pathways,” a member of the Border Patrol agency shared with the Daily Caller News Foudation.

The DCNF was informed by an agency spokesperson that 100 employees from the Office of Field Operations and law enforcement officers from other agencies, including the Bureau of Prisons, were able to assist Border Patrol after CBP closed various entry points and railroads in San Ysidro, California, Lukeville, Arizona, El Paso, and Eagle Pass, Texas.

Illegal immigration has all sorts of negative impacts on the local communities where the illegal immigrants land in the United States.

Conservatives argue that illegal immigrants may strain public resources such as schools, hospitals, and social services, particularly in areas with high concentrations of undocumented individuals. This strain may be attributed to the increased demand for services without a corresponding increase in tax contributions.

That strain isn’t limited to economic strain either.

In recent years, we’ve watched the southern regions of the United States struggle to deal with the dramatic increase in drug proliferation that is often directly and indirectly exacerbated by illegal immigration.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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