Texas gave Biden the bird with one order from Greg Abbott

The fight between the White House and the Lone Star State is heating up. Now it’s threatening to boil over.

Because Texas gave Biden the bird with one order from Greg Abbott.

On Tuesday, the Texas National Guard continued to install razor wire along the U.S.-Mexico border after the Supreme Court decided that the Biden administration had the authority to cut through or remove it.

“The Texas Military Department continues to hold the line in Shelby Park to deter and prevent unlawful entry into the State of Texas,” Texas said in a statement.

“We remain resolute in our actions to secure our border, preserve the rule of law, and protect the sovereignty of our State.”

On Monday, the Supreme Court voted 5–4 in favor of the Biden administration.

The order stated that Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh would all have refused the Biden administration’s motion.

On Tuesday, images emerged showing the state of Texas doubling down on its efforts to stop President Joe Biden’s illegal immigration issue by laying razor wire along the border.

“The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line in Eagle Pass,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

“Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

The razor wire was built as part of Operation Lone Star, which Abbott initiated in March 2021 in response to Biden’s refusal to enforce U.S. immigration law and his policies, which have resulted in an increase in illegal immigration along the southern border.

Chris Olivarez, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), emphasized Operation Lone Star on social media on Monday night.

“The State of Texas, under Gov. @GregAbbott_TX ’s Operation Lone Star, will maintain its current posture in deterring illegal border crossings by utilizing effective border security measures – reinforced concertina wire & anti-climb barriers along the Rio Grande,” said Olivarez.

“The logical concern should be why the Federal Government continues to hinder Texas’ ability to protect its border, all while allowing for the exploitation, dangerous, & inhumane methods of permitting illegal immigrants, including children, to illegally cross a dangerous river where many have lost their lives. Texas is the only state using every strategy & resource to protect its sovereignty, combat criminal activity, & discourage illegal immigration. #Texas will continue to hold the line.”

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