The White House is on lockdown because of this terror threat

America is in grave danger. An attack could come any day now.

And the White House is on lockdown because of this terror threat.

Joe Biden has made America a laughingstock on the world stage by opening up the floodgates at the southern border.

Mexican drug cartels are flooding the streets with fentanyl and other deadly drugs.

Millions of illegal immigrants are overwhelming the infrastructure of border cities and other cities like New York.

But one problem no one is talking about is the fact that terrorists are flooding across the border more than ever before.

Sixteen persons on the FBI’s terror watch list were apprehended along the US-Mexico border last month, along with a record-breaking number of migrants illegally entering the US.

According to Fox News, the figures bring the total number of such confrontations at the southern border this year to 69, a figure that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents estimate to surpass previous fiscal year’s 98 contacts.

CBP Office of Field Operations officials said that in the current fiscal year, the agency encountered at least 214 people on the Terrorism Screening Database at both the southern and northern border ports of entry.

The identities of the 16 people on the terror watch list were not immediately revealed.

Authorities apprehended 380 such people in fiscal year 2022.

Authorities seized eight terror watch-list members between ports of entry between 2017 and 2020, according to the news site. Agents contacted 15 people on the FBI’s list in 2021.

According to data from the Center for American Immigration Reform, the increase in terror watch-list arrests at the border coincides with a spike of up to 4.9 million migrants who have come into the United States under President Joe Biden’s administration.

In fiscal year 2022, CPB agents encountered over 2.3 million migrants, with over 80,000 migrants passing through El Paso between August and December of last year.

According to the New York Post, CBP officials apprehended 128,877 persons who crossed the border illegally in January and another 128,913 in February; the agency has ascribed the minor decrease in contacts to new procedures that were recently introduced.

“The new border enforcement measures kept February’s overall encounter numbers nearly even with January,” said CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller.

According to Fox News, the data was obtained within hours of Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz telling House Homeland Security Committee officials during a hearing in McAllen, Texas, that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not have operational control of the border.

DHS officials have consistently stated that the agency implements laws that secure national borders in order to combat cartels and smugglers.

“Despite inheriting a dismantled immigration system and facing unprecedented migration that is affecting nations throughout the Western Hemisphere, this administration has surged resources to the border, reducing the number of encounters between ports of entry, disrupting more smuggling operations than ever before, and interdicting more drugs in the last two years than had been stopped in the five years prior,” a spokesperson told Fox News.

Officials in the Biden administration have accused Republican lawmakers of failing to approve federal border budget requests. Republican leaders, on the other hand, say that the president’s actions are the primary cause of the border problem.

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