The U.S. military has delivered devastating news to Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s handling of the military has been a sore spot for his admin. It’s only going to get worse now.

Because now the U.S. military has delivered devastating news to Joe Biden.

The Chinese spy balloons flying over American airspace, undetected, and gathering intel for the Chinese communist government was shocking for many Americans to learn about.

What was particularly bad was that the federal government didn’t detect that this was going on for weeks.

It started to set in some national security concerns for many Americans with Joe Biden – the oldest U.S. President ever – at the helm as commander-in-chief.

Those national security concerns worsened when the federal government learned that someone was leaking highly classified documents to the public. These documents included info about U.S. allies and secret U.S. operations that some foreign powers were not supposed to know about.

That leaker was found to be the 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, who was a former U.S. Air National Guard member.

But it seems as though the leaks may not be done quite yet and there may be someone else leaking more information to the public as well.

A new leaked document from the U.S. federal government indicates that the Chinese is currently preparing a new spy drone that will have the ability to travel at “three times the speed of sound.”

This leak, first reported on by the Washington Post, indicates that China could use new tech to gather information that would help them perform potential missile strikes.

The Washington Post reports:

The document features satellite imagery dated Aug. 9 that shows two WZ-8 rocket-propelled reconnaissance drones at an air base in eastern China, about 350 miles inland from Shanghai. The drones are a cutting-edge surveillance system that could help China gather real-time mapping data to inform strategy or carry out missile strikes in a future conflict.

The Washington Post article also notes that Taiwan is likely super unprepared to defend itself against a potential Chinese invasion.

China does not recognize Taiwanese independence like the United States does, and it could be any day now that the Chinese communist government finally invades Taiwan.

The intel in the new leaks shows that the Chinese will easily overpower the Taiwanese in air superiority, a critical military advantage in the area.

Apparently the CIA director has also indicated within the agency that the Chinese communist leader, Xi Jinping, wants China to be able to take over all of Taiwan by the year 2027.

This is more bad news for the Joe Biden administration that is desperate to get their intel and military situation under control.

It’s unclear how this particular new leak has reached the media and the public, but it’s entirely possible that the Biden administration has more leakers out there.

It’s also still not clear how Jack Teixeira had access to highly classified documents so he could leak them in online forums.

The foreign policy of the Joe Biden administration has been a mess from the beginning. The Afghanistan pullout fumble proved that and now these leaks that are damaging the stature of the U.S. at a critical time is proving that yet again.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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