Joe Biden’s about to get kicked from the White House after this incriminating report hit his desk

You would think at nearly 82-years-old Joe Biden would know something about karma. But he’s about to learn the hard way.

Because President Biden’s about to get kicked to the curb after this wild report about him hit the White House.

The Democrats have been gloating ever since Donald Trump was given a “guilty” verdict in the sham Manhattan trial that is unlikely to mean anything before the election is held. They just wanted to be able to say Donald Trump was convicted before Americans go to the polls this November.

Even Joe Biden himself couldn’t contain his excitement when he was asked about the results of the trial, giving reporters this creepy smile that said everything without having to say anything.

The irony here is that Donald Trump is performing better than ever and it looks as though Joe Biden is in serious trouble with the American voters. All signs are pointing to him getting kicked out of the White House.

What for? Well the results of his presidency of course. A new economic report has indicated that an overwhelming majority of small business owners are concerned that a second Biden term would k*ll their business.

A new poll by the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF), shared with reporters first at the Daily Caller, reveals that many small business owners are increasingly anxious about their future under President Joe Biden amid broader financial stress.

The JCNF’s monthly small business poll indicates that 67% of small business owners fear that the current economic climate could force them to shut down, a ten-percentage point increase from two years ago. Perceptions of economic conditions for their own businesses slightly declined from 70.2 to 68.1 points, while views on national conditions improved from 50.4 to 53.2 points on a scale where 100 represents the best possible conditions.

Elaine Parker, president of the JCNF, told reporters, “Small businesses are more vulnerable to high taxes and costly regulatory environments compared to their large corporate counterparts. It’s no surprise that 26% of small businesses have considered relocating to states or cities with more favorable tax rates and less government red tape. This presents an opportunity for free-market-oriented governors to distinguish their states by implementing pro-growth policies that will benefit Main Street.”

Small businesses employ approximately 46% of U.S. workers, totaling 61.6 million people, according to Forbes Advisor.

Crime is also a growing concern, with 44% of owners reporting an increase in crime in their areas, while only 39% said it remained the same, according to the JCNF. Businesses earning less than $100,000 annually were most likely to report increased crime (55%), whereas those with revenues of $1 million or more were least likely (37%).

Inflation remains the top concern for small business owners, rising slightly to 49% in May from 48% in March. Other major concerns include the overall health of the economy and client spending. Inflation was 3.4% in April, with prices rising 19.3% since Biden took office in January 2021.

The share of small business owners who found compliance with local, state, and federal regulations time-consuming increased to 58% in May, up from 54% in April.

The Biden administration has finalized regulations costing over $1 trillion in recent months, as agencies rush to safeguard their actions against potential rollbacks should Biden lose the 2024 election.

The poll shows that 60% of small business owners rated Biden’s performance negatively in May, compared to 38% who rated it positively. The most common grade given was an “F” (36%), followed by a “C” (18%).

A broader poll from early May revealed that 49% of voters believe Biden’s policies have harmed the economy, compared to 28% who think they have helped. Around 80% of voters listed inflation among their top three financial concerns.

Many businesses are still recovering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 34% of small businesses closing from January 2020 to May 2021, according to the World Economic Forum. This national survey of 400 small business employers was conducted between May 2 and 19, with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 points.

All of these data points are signals from Americans that the Biden economy is not working for them. What’s the biggest indicator of how well a presidential incumbent candidate will do during the re-election season? The economy. And it’s not looking good for Biden and company. They might want to start packing their bags if something doesn’t change.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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