Biden sends out thugs to threaten anyone who is calling for him to resign

The corner of Biden is punching back. They’re furious about the debate response.

And now Joe Biden’s sent out thugs to threaten anyone calling for his resignation after the debate.

The moment after the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the media absolutely exploded in a panic that Biden would be toast if he tries to actually run against Trump when it comes time for Americans to vote. You had an entire panel sound like the president had just died in giving their condolences to the end of the future of Joe Biden.

Following that, article after article was published by outlets that are normally as quiet as possible in their criticism of Joe Biden that argued that the panic over the future of Biden’s campaign had set in. Everyone from CNN to The New York Times to The New Yorker to Politico were quick as a leopard to put the pressure on the Democrats to replace Joe Biden. Here are just a few examples:

The Atlantic: “Someone Needs To Take Biden’s Keys”. Yahoo: “The first debate was a complete disaster for Joe Biden”. The Daily Beast: “Joe Biden Mumbles and Stumbles the Democrats into Crisis”. Politico: “Dems freak out over Biden’s debate performance: ‘Biden is toast.'”

Interestingly, the Biden campaign the day after the debate put out a statement saying that the incumbent presidential candidate would not be stepping down under any circumstances.

Not only that, but now there are reports that allies close to the Biden administration are keeping a close eye on anyone who dares to ask Joe Biden to step down from his re-election effort or even resign as president considering the fears Americans have. They’re saying that criticisms of Biden are a way to “end” your career as a Democrat.

Biden Allies Put Critics On Notice

Paul Begala, a former Clinton administration official, recently highlighted a significant challenge facing the Democratic Party following President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance. During a Thursday debate moderated by CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, Biden exhibited several concerning behaviors, including moments where he froze, appeared to lose his train of thought, and made multiple verbal errors.

Begala expressed the gravity of the situation during an interview with CNN host Jim Acosta, emphasizing the political peril for any Democrat who might consider urging Biden to step down. “The first politician, the first Democratic politician to call on Biden to step down, it’s going to end their career,” Begala stated. He explained that despite any justifiable concerns about Biden’s performance, the president remains deeply cherished within the party for his victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

This sentiment was further underscored by Begala’s comments on the Democratic governors who might otherwise be considered strong candidates. “There’s a dozen governors in my party, I think, that could be very strong candidates. Maybe not a dozen, maybe half a dozen at least,” Begala noted. However, he added, “None of them are going to say, ‘Hey, let me step forward and knife Julius Caesar.’ Biden is a beloved man in the Democratic Party… He delivered us from Donald Trump. He is beloved.”

Biden’s age and mental acuity have been recurring issues, exacerbated by his debate performance. Past incidents have added to these concerns, such as Biden’s erroneous claims about conversations with deceased leaders and his repeated physical stumbles, including a fall at the Air Force Academy in June 2023 and other incidents involving his bike and the steps of Air Force One.

Additionally, a special counsel investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents resulted in no charges, with the president being described as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” by special counsel Robert Hur.

The conundrum for Democrats is further complicated by the fact that Biden has already secured the nomination against challengers like Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota and Marianne Williamson. Millions of Democrats have already cast their votes in favor of Biden as the nominee. “It’s just a hell of a conundrum, it really is,” Begala concluded.

The Democratic Party now faces a complex situation: balancing respect and loyalty for a president who they previously championed against legitimate concerns about his capacity to continue in the role effectively.

The issue is that the narrative may have grown far too big far too quickly for the Biden allies to quell the fires that have taken the nation by storm. Simply far too many Americans believe their eyes when they see Joe Biden is incompetent to fulfill yet another four years as the President of the United States of America.

They can say anyone calling for Biden to resign will end their career, but the opposite might be true. The first Democrats to go on record and be unashamed in their criticism of Joe Biden might actually save their political career moving forward. The reality is that Joe Biden is likely to get clobbered by Donald Trump if the Democrats don’t change course. That exonerates anyone criticizing Joe Biden.

In the event the Democrats do what many expect them to do at this point and replace Joe Biden before the convention of delegates, then those same voices are also exonerated. It’s hard to imagine any world in which Joe Biden comes out of this politically alive a few months from now.

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