Donald Trump blown away by this new GOP 2024 election document release

All the talk has been about the Democrat Party chaos. But the RNC has dropped a bombshell.

And even Donald Trump’s been blown away by this surprising 2024 election document release from the GOP.

As some have been pointing out, over the past few years there has been a growing sentiment that the Democrat Party is truly cementing themselves as the Party of elites who do not care about the average citizen anymore. If they ever cared about the average American, the middle class, the blue collar workers, and the underprivileged, it’s extremely hard to make the argument that they do today.

They deflect as much as possible by saying the Republicans want to give tax cuts to the “rich”, meanwhile, they want to overall raise the tax burden on the entirety of the American people. Sure, both parties are big government spenders these days. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that there hasn’t been a true small government president in office since Calvin Coolidge, who balanced the federal budget every single year he served in the Oval Office. The Democrats today, however, are absolutely extreme in their position of exploding the federal government and using it to the benefit of their elites.

Donald Trump represents a somewhat populist section of the conservative movement within the Republican circle, and that’s evident in the policies he voices support for. In many ways, Donald Trump is taking the thunder of the Democrat Party’s empty promises and the shift in the traditionally Democrat-friendly voting blocs into Trump’s favor is proving this. Here’s a major example why.

Donald Trump has been talking about a new campaign discussion point in recent weeks, one that many thought would be a talking point of the Democrats from maybe fifty years ago. That campaign talking point? No taxes on tips. He’s been mentioning this at several campaign rally stops and in new interviews.

He announced this initiative first at a Nevada rally. He said it would be a priority he wants to take care of first thing when he starts his second term in the White House.

So Donald Trump saying this is one thing, but how does the rest of the Republican Party feel about this? Ultimately, he will likely need to work with Congress on accomplishing this goal of eliminating taxes on tips. Without GOP support, that’s simply not going to happen.

Well, the RNC just released a document throwing their full support behind Donald Trump on this campaign promise. In fact, it’s now a major foundational part of their 2024 platform.

RNC Releases Pro-Populous 2024 Party Platform With Major New Initiatives

In the 2024 Republican Party platform release document, the GOP adopted no taxes on tips as one of the major points they want to drive home to resonate with voters this November.

CPAPractiveAdvisor writes about the platform:

The principles also include pledges to make the U.S. the ‘dominant energy producer in the world’ and ‘stop outsourcing’ and to impose ‘large tax cuts for workers, and no tax on tips’—the latter a policy Trump publicly floated at a June rally in Las Vegas in a bid to court blue-collar workers in swing states such as Nevada. The document includes a vow to ‘cancel the electric vehicle mandate and cut costly and burdensome regulations.’

Already, this talking point has become a viral moment for Donald Trump and his Republican allies who want to hop on board with this extremely popular initiative to eliminate taxes on tips given to servers at restaurants and other applicable jobs and services. Thousands of people are sharing pictures online of providing good tips to servers and writing down “Vote Trump 2024 For No Tax On Tips.”

If you’re the Democrat Party, this one has to sting. Donald Trump has literally stolen a popular idea that should have been in your wheelhouse and convinced the GOP to get behind him full swing with no reservations. This is going to continue to hurt the Democrat Party as we inch closer to the November elections.

Younger generations in America have grown sick and tired of the way tipped service workers get treated, and now Donald Trump and the GOP have a major in with these voting blocs that have traditionally been reliable Democrat voters. Blue collar workers, even if they don’t get tips, are going to be very fond of seeing those in their community who do pay their bills through tips get tax relief.

These are voting blocs that were already making major shifts into Donald Trump’s favor. Now he’s just twisting the knife in the Democrat Party’s chances this November.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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