President Biden’s close ally breaks silence with huge confession

The Biden allies have been trying to quiet down the crowds. It’s not working.

And now a close ally to Joe Biden has broken his silence with this major confession about the president.

It only took a couple days after the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the Biden allies to start threatening Democrats who dared to criticize President Joe Biden for his poor performance and call for his resignation or the suspension of his campaign.

Signals went out almost immediately telling Democrats that if they tried to speak up, they’d be committing political career s*icide and that they’d be swiftly shown the exit signs of the Democrat Party. The authoritarianism of the Biden corner was showing through.

This attempt to silence everyone hasn’t exactly been working, though. A number of high profile Democrats have now been going on record to say that something needs to change for Democrats to win the election this November given that Donald Trump seems next to invincible right now.

U.S. House Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) shocked the nation with his published piece saying that Joe Biden will absolutely lose to Donald Trump as things currently stand. He even went so far as to say Joe Biden is a liar for saying that Donald Trump wants to literally rid the nation of any semblance of democracy.

Now a former Democrat presidential candidate and a close ally of Joe Biden is coming out to go on record with concerns for the president.

Former Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio called out President Joe Biden for partaking in simple public events following his June 27 debate.

Internal Concerns Rise Over Biden’s Age and Fitness Following Debate Performance

President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump has reignited concerns among Americans regarding his age and fitness for office. The president has faced mounting calls to drop out of the race, as his ability to reassure voters about his competence remains in question.

During a segment on CNN News Central, Ryan expressed his apprehension about Biden’s recent appearances, including a brief teleprompter speech and an upcoming interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Ryan criticized these efforts as insufficient to assuage voter concerns.

“I’m worried that, what’s today, Wednesday? The debate was Thursday, and all we saw was a five-minute press conference, very muted, when the Constitution was just flipped on its head,” Ryan remarked. “Nothing that’s been happening is encouraging. And so we all love George Stephanopoulos, and that’s great. But like, it’s got to be a lot more than that. It’s got to be a barnstorm, it’s got to be town halls in hostile environments, probably like Fox News, and show us you could make the case.”

Reflecting on historical presidential challenges, Ryan drew a comparison to President Kennedy’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He highlighted Kennedy’s mental fortitude and energy in resisting pressure from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to escalate into World War III. Ryan suggested that the American public did not perceive such capabilities in Biden during the recent debate.

“It’s sad and it’s heartbreaking, but there’s too much at stake for any one personality, one person, to prevent us from beating Donald Trump and having an elevated aspirational message that I think someone like Kamala could give to hit the reset button,” Ryan added.

In a recent opinion piece for Newsweek, Ryan called for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace Biden as the presumptive Democratic nominee. He argued that Harris is ready for the job and deserves the opportunity to prove her mettle to the American people.

“In short, she is ready for the job,” Ryan wrote. “And, more importantly, she deserves a chance to go to the American people and show us her mettle. Those who say that a Harris candidacy is a greater risk than the Joe Biden we saw the other night and will continue to see are not living in reality. It is not just utterly preposterous for the haters to say that, it is insulting.”

Ryan’s call for a change in the Democratic ticket reflects growing unease within the party about Biden’s ability to lead effectively, emphasizing the need for a candidate who can inspire and reassure the electorate in the upcoming election.

Though, the suggestion that Harris is in a better situation than Joe Biden isn’t exactly saying much. Polls suggest that it is true that Harris, at this time, likely performs better against Donald Trump than Joe Biden would.

However, much of that is due to the fact that Joe Biden is sinking. Harris is still just as unlikeable as she always has been since she was given her role as vice president in the Biden administration. Running her against the surging and once-again super popular Donald Trump probably isn’t a good idea for the Democrats either. Certainly they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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