Top presidential candidate sinks their campaign with one moronic slip of the tongue

The race for the White House is on. But one man is done before he even started.

And this top presidential candidate sunk their campaign with one moronic slip of the tongue.

In a recent interview with podcast presenter Sage Steele, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. expressed his support for full-term abortions.

Kennedy is a self-professed Catholic. Though he obviously doesn’t follow its teachings.

On Wednesday’s installment of her show, Steele questioned Kennedy if he preferred leaving abortion “up to the states.”

“No, I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” the candidate answered. I believe we should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have [the] government involved.”

“Even if it’s full-term?” Steele asked.

“Even if it’s full-term,” Kennedy concurred.

On Thursday, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk shared a clip of the interview on X (previously Twitter).

“Here is RFK Jr. affirming his commitment to China-style full-term abortion, without limits, nationwide,” stated Kirk.

“Billboard Chris,” a Canadian parent’s rights campaigner, stated on X that Kennedy basically said, “Leave it up to the woman to m*rder that baby.”

“Safe to say that insane views like this will steal some Biden votes, helping to get Trump elected,” he stated.

Pro-life campaigner Anna Lulis described Kennedy’s pro-abortion views as “absolutely evil.”

“Robert Kennedy Jr. believes you can k*ll babies up until the moment of birth, when they’re fully developed, can feel pain, survive outside the womb, can hiccup, have a heartbeat, fingers, toes, and fully functioning organs,” Lulis wrote on X.

“[L]ate-term abortions involve dismembering a baby alive. The baby can feel their limbs being torn from their body.”

Kennedy’s remarks prompted criticism from the political Left.

Ed Krassenstein, a Democratic Party organizer, stated on X, “I don’t think most Americans, including Democrats, support abortion at 40 weeks.”

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