All hope is lost for the Bidens as attorneys give them the terrible news

The downfall is here for the Biden family. They didn’t expect it so soon.

And now all hope is lost for the Bidens as their attorneys give them terrible news.

Hunter Biden’s legal trouble has been a drag for his father’s re-election odds, which haven’t been good based on how Americans view the poor performance of Joe Biden as President of the United States thus far.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s aggregation of all the most credible polls and surveys, Joe Biden’s approval ratings as of today are at an all-time low. Just 1 in 3 Americans are overall “approving” of Joe Biden’s job as president since he took office in January of 2021.

Simply put, any more bad publicity is not going to be good for Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys who are hanging on by a thread ahead of the 2024 election cycle. Yet, that’s exactly what they’re getting with Hunter Biden all over the news with his legal troubles.

Lately, Hunter Biden’s criminal gun crimes charges have been in the news as the trial is well underway and as everyone tries to predict which way the trial is going to go. It doesn’t look to be going well for Mr. Hunter Biden at all, to put it lightly.

Hunter Biden’s Defense Faces Uphill Battle as Trial Progresses

The trial of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, commenced last week in Delaware, centering around three federal gun charges brought against him by special counsel David Weiss in September. The charges include providing false statements and knowingly possessing a firearm while being addicted to drugs. As the trial unfolds, legal experts weigh in on the strategies and potential outcomes.

White collar defense lawyer Seth Berenzweig shared his insights with CNN, emphasizing the challenging position Biden’s defense team faces. According to Berenzweig, the defense’s primary strategy hinges on garnering sympathy from the jury. “The only way that the defense counsel’s going to get the ball into the goal line is if they pull at the heartstrings of the jury,” he remarked. This emotional appeal is crucial given the substantial evidence presented by the prosecution.

Berenzweig noted that the defense has managed their case well despite the odds. “His daughter provided some very emotional testimony,” he said, highlighting one of the key moments. Despite this, he acknowledged the “overwhelming” nature of the evidence against Biden, suggesting that the defense’s meticulous approach has brought them close but not close enough. “Even if that evidence gets them to, say, the one yard line,” Berenzweig explained, “the only way…is if they pull at the heartstrings of the jury.”

The prosecution’s case has been bolstered by materials retrieved from Biden’s abandoned laptop, which provided evidence of his drug use at the time he purchased the gun in 2018. This evidence includes messages and other incriminating materials, presented to the jury to establish a timeline of his addiction.

Criminal defense attorney Bernarda Villalona, speaking at the onset of the trial, suggested that Biden might have been better off pleading guilty, considering the strength of the evidence against him. She remarked that such a plea might have been his “best” course of action to avoid incarceration.

Supporting this view, former federal prosecutor Alyse Adamson commented on the robustness of the prosecution’s case during a CNN panel discussion. “They do have a mountain of evidence,” Adamson stated, pointing to the testimony of a forensic chemist who found drug residue on the gun pouch, which linked Biden’s drug use to the possession of the weapon. Additionally, Biden’s own admissions in his memoir were cited as compelling evidence for the jury.

Adamson further elaborated on the defense’s efforts, acknowledging their limitations. “The defense tried the best that they could, but they weren’t really able to bring a lot out to cast doubt,” she said. The central issue, according to Adamson, is whether Biden knew he was an addict at the time he signed the forms and possessed the gun. Although no direct evidence was provided, the circumstantial evidence was substantial. “So if I was the prosecution, I‘d be feeling pretty good going into closing arguments,” Adamson concluded.

As the trial moves toward its conclusion, the defense’s success may ultimately depend on their ability to humanize Hunter Biden and evoke empathy from the jury, a task that Berenzweig predicts will be pivotal in their closing arguments.

The Democrats are in an ironic position as they thought Donald Trump receiving a “conviction” in the Manhattan hush money trial would sink his campaign and prevent him from sniffing a second term in the White House. The opposite has been true thus far.

Donald Trump’s campaign has been raking in mad money ever since the trial concluded and many legal experts believe Trump will likely never see jail or prison time before the election that he is leading in.

On the other hand, Hunter Biden’s legal troubles have actually been troubling for his father’s political outlook. Americans are seeing through the political games and are responding that they believe Trump is the innocent one and that the Bidens shouldn’t be trusted.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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