Ana Navarro of The View had a disturbing meltdown live on air over Trump supporters

Leftist media hosts are starting to panic. The idea that Donald Trump could very well win reelection this year has them terrified.

And Ana Navarro of The View had a disturbing meltdown live on air over Trump supporters.

Former President Donald Trump is performing better in the polls among Latino voters than Democrats would like.

According to an Axios/Ispos Latino poll from March, 41% of Latino voters favor President Joe Biden while 32% favor Trump.

And while Trump trails Biden in the poll, he’s made up considerable ground in recent years.

A poll from December 2021 had Biden’s favorability among Latino voters at 53%. Trump sat at 24%.

The former president’s comeback among this demographic has Leftists freaking out.

And some of them are becoming so panicked that they’re resorting to insults and anger to express their emotions on the matter.

Ana Navarro, a commentator for CNN and a co-host of The View, bashed Latinos last Friday for their support of Trump, saying that they have a “stupid attitude.”

While appearing on CNN Newsroom, Navarro, who is Latino herself, said, “There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them. And who thinks being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever,” she said during her rant.

“And that’s a very stupid attitude to have because what folks don’t realize is that when the guy drives thousands of miles to go hunt down Latinos in a Walmart in Texas, he doesn’t care when you came here, he doesn’t care what your accent is.”

Navarro was referring to a shooting in El Paso, Texas in 2019 when a madman specifically targeted Latinos.

“So when people are anti-something, they’re not asking for your papers. They’re just anti that group,” Navarro added.

Democrats can never get it through their heads that Trump and the Right are not opposed to immigration.

Almost every conservative is in favor of legal immigration. What they aren’t in favor of is illegal immigration.

But for some reason, radical Leftists like Navarro can’t tell a difference between the two.

Instead they make up ridiculous lies that Donald Trump and other Republicans are simply anti-immigration and anti-Latino.

You can watch Navarro’s asinine rant below:

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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