Attack on Donald Trump forces Republican Party to make a major decision

Former President Trump still has a target on his back. This has been taken too far.

And now an attack on Donald Trump has forced the Republican Party to make a huge decision.

Over the past several decades, there’s hardly anyone who has been targeted with as much unnecessary hate than former President Donald Trump. Yes, he does have a strong fan base, but he also has enemies that are willing to literally do anything to prevent him from accomplishing anything at all.

Even some self-proclaimed “Republicans” would rather let Democrats have major political stage wins rather than support Donald Trump in his America First agenda. These RINOs have been a thorn in the side of Mr. Trump ever since he started his 2016 campaign.

The 2024 election is looking like it will come down between former President Trump and incumbent Democrat President Biden, and you would think with how bad the Biden presidency has been that Republicans would come to their senses to help Trump cross the finish line. But there’s new reports coming out of “Republican” groups who are spending millions on election ads that are anti-Trump.

Multi-Million Dollar Campaign Against Trump Launched by Democrat-Funded Republican Group

A self-styled Republican group advocating for democracy has recently launched a substantial ad campaign opposing former President Donald Trump, attracting considerable media attention. Despite their Republican branding, the group has a history of receiving substantial funding from Democrat-aligned donors.

Newsweek, The Hill, The Center Square, and the Indianapolis Star have reported on the efforts of Republicans for the Rule of Law, a group running a $2 million ad campaign against Trump’s claims of presidential immunity in the face of prosecution for alleged election interference. These reports, however, omit the group’s ties to Democrat-aligned funding sources. Republicans for the Rule of Law operates under Defending Democracy Together, a political nonprofit significantly funded by dark money groups with Democratic affiliations.

This organization is part of a broader trend where liberal donors finance groups to propagate the narrative of Republican opposition to Trump. One such organization, the Republican Accountability PAC, is executing a $50 million “Republican Voters Against Trump” campaign. Notably, nearly 75% of the PAC’s funding in 2023 originated from just six major Democratic donors.

The Republican Accountability PAC is led by Sarah Longwell, who also serves as the executive director of Defending Democracy Together. This group claims to be an advocacy organization founded by lifelong conservatives and Republicans aiming to preserve the Republican Party’s integrity. Longwell also holds the executive director position at Republicans for the Rule of Law, as stated in a press release from the group.

Significant funding for Defending Democracy Together comes from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, an advocacy organization managed by Arabella Advisors, which contributed over $10.8 million between 2020 and 2022, according to tax filings. The Sixteen Thirty Fund has historically supported Democratic electoral efforts through extensive financial backing of left-of-center voter mobilization initiatives and pro-Democrat PACs, as reported by Politico.

Additionally, the Hopewell Fund, also managed by Arabella Advisors, donated $75,000 to the group in 2018, according to tax records.

The Democracy Fund Voice, financed by liberal billionaire and eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar, provided $4.4 million to Defending Democracy Together between 2018 and 2021. Omidyar oversees a vast network of grant-making organizations that donated $1.2 billion between 2004 and 2020, primarily supporting left-of-center causes, based on a Capital Research Center report. Pierre and his wife Pam Omidyar have also personally contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates over the past two decades, as reported by The Center for Public Integrity.

Founded in 2018, Republicans for the Rule of Law initially aimed to prevent then-President Trump from dismissing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was investigating him. The group invested in ads supporting Mueller’s investigation and later spent millions on a campaign urging Republican members of Congress to vote for Trump’s impeachment in 2019, according to Influence Watch.

Tax filings reveal that Defending Democracy Together and Republicans for the Rule of Law share the same tax identification number, indicating a close organizational relationship. Furthermore, Defending Democracy Together holds “Republicans for the Rule of Law” as a trade name, allowing it to operate under this alias.

Republicans for the Rule of Law, a minomer of sorts, regularly gives good press to known RINOs like Mitt Romney, calling him a “decent” Republican that everyone else should model.

The conservative base, however, is very much sick of the Mitt Romney-type Republicans. They won’t sniff a Republican Party nomination for President for many years if ever again. This is why groups like Republicans for the Rule of Law are much more closely aligned with Democrat fundraising groups because there’s simply not support on a national-level for Never-Trump RINOS.

In fact, Defending Democracy Together has taken grants from far-Left pro-Democrat organizations like Democracy Fund Voice to the tune of millions of dollars. Just the web alone looks suspicious and highlights how Republicans for the Rule of Law can’t be trusted.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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