Biden allies concoct wicked evil plan to secure second Joe Biden term early

The civil war in the Democrat Party is underway. It’s all because of President Joe.

And now Biden’s allies have concocted a wild and evil plan to secure a second Biden term early.

Democratic National Committee May Nominate President Biden in July

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is considering nominating President Joe Biden for a second term as early as mid-July, according to two Democratic sources. A potential date for this formal nomination is July 21, which coincides with the virtual meeting of the Democratic National Convention’s credentials committee.

For weeks, it has been reported that Democratic Party officials decided the formal roll call would not take place during their convention, which begins on August 19 in Chicago. This decision is tied to the necessity of meeting Ohio’s ballot deadline on August 7. To ensure President Biden appears on the Ohio ballot, party officials plan to hold the roll call ahead of this deadline.

The discussion around a potential July 21 roll call date follows President Biden’s performance in last Thursday’s debate. The 81-year-old president’s halting delivery and stumbling answers during his first face-to-face debate with former President Donald Trump have caused widespread concern within the Democratic Party. This has led to calls from political pundits, editorial writers, and some party politicians and donors for Biden to reconsider his candidacy as the party’s standard-bearer.

The Fallout From the Debate

The fallout in the wake of the debate has been groundbreaking, to say the least. The media outlets that are overwhelmingly friendly to Leftist agendas and the Democrat Party are now loud as can be about the issues that Joe Biden is having in the mental capacity department. They were largely silent for years, but now even CNN is admitting that there’s no explaining this all away.

On Tuesday, the White House Press Briefing was dominated by questions about Joe Biden’s mental fitness, what they think about the American public overwhelmingly agreeing that Biden is unfit for office, and whether there’d be any discussion about Joe Biden stepping aside.

This includes journalists from Leftist media outlets like CBS and CNN. That fact is utterly insane. The fact that outlets like CNN and CBS are now sounding the alarm and trying to drum up support to get Joe Biden kicked to the curb is telling. He is clearly in trouble, politically.

There are reports that the Biden aides and family members are furious that so many journalists and Democrat insiders are criticizing Joe Biden for his debate performance and asking for him to be replaced in the 2024 election cycle.

The Inside Plan To Force Joe Biden Over The Line To November

Clearly, this idea to get Joe Biden nominated for the Democrats earlier than expected is a vile plan that is in response to fallout of the debate. The Biden allies are likely fearful of delaying this any further because there’s no way the situation improves for Joe Biden.

It’s obvious to everyone who isn’t high on copium 24/7 that Joe Biden is on the decline, and his decline is accelerating. The debate was already bad enough, so they want to make sure that Joe Biden is secure in his position as soon as possible. Any delay, even just by a few weeks, might provide a solution for Democrats to find a way to get Joe Biden out of the picture.

Interestingly, for as much as the Democrats are trying to lecture Americans about “democracy” being on the ballot this November, there’s nothing that would be more undemocratic than to force Joe Biden into the nomination early just because they are panicking about what could happen if they don’t.

It’s hard to imagine the American people would react well to this, which really makes you wonder what in the world the Democrat Party is doing right now and what their overall strategy is to maintain relevancy this year and stay in the 2024 race.

Are the Democrats just in a total panic and are having inner wars? Or is there a sinister insider plot that they have to replace Joe Biden while keeping face in the meantime? It’s not so clear, maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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