Biden’s latest test result confirms what everyone feared

The president has seen better days, that’s for sure. But for many, he’s too far gone.

And now Biden’s latest test result confirms what everyone feared.

Joe Biden proved to America that he isn’t all there during his most recent debate with Donald Trump.

Despite what some commentators are saying, it’s not just a Republican narrative. Voters everywhere have picked up on the story.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Nearly three-fourths of voters doubt President Joe Biden is fit to serve after his shaky debate performance last week, according to a new poll.

CBS News and YouGov found that 72% of registered voters do not believe Biden, 81, has the mental and cognitive health to be president, while only 27% said that he does.

Among Democratic registered voters, 41% say Biden does not have the capacity to do the job, a significant increase from the 29% who said the same earlier in June.

In contrast, half of registered voters said former President Donald Trump, 78, does have the mental and cognitive health to serve as president, while 49% said that he does not.

Three weeks ago, on June 9, CBS News and YouGov found more registered voters viewed Biden as being capable of performing the duties of commander-in-chief.

At that time, 65% of respondents did not think Biden was fit to serve, while 35% believed he did possess the mental and cognitive health for the job.

Democrats are Melting Down

Democrats are reportedly panicking after the debate on Thursday, and there is a growing push, including by The New York Times’ editorial board, for Biden to leave the race.

A Biden campaign fundraising email included a graphic comparing how Biden polls against Trump to other Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris.

The message claimed the alternatives were not as likely to win, but the chart shows Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and others polling similarly to Biden.

CBS News and YouGov found 72% of registered voters say Biden should not be running for president, a 9-point jump from the 63% who said the same in February.

Among Democratic registered voters, 46% say Biden should not be running for president, a 10-point increase from the 36% who said the same in the earlier poll.

Most voters agreed Biden should not be running because of his age, decisions he might make in office, his record as president, and his ability to campaign effectively.

Ultimately, 55% of Democratic registered voters said Biden ought to continue running when asked if he should be the nominee, while 45% said he should step aside.

CBS News said its new poll is based on a national sample of 1,130 registered voters contacted from June 28-29 and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.2 points.

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