CNBC host freezes up Democrat mayor with one question there was no answer for

The Democrat Party has gone off the deep end. Now they’re being called to account.

And a top Democrat mayor was completely paralyzed when a CNBC host asked this one simple question.

All over the nation, cities that are dominated by Democrat politicians are being brought to their knees. They are being sacrificed at the altar of so-called “progressive” policies like being “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants. Violent criminals are being let off the hook with low or no cash bail. Homelessness is growing out of control in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Americans are aware of this. Just consider how California is experiencing its first net population decrease for the first time in American recorded history. A large part of that is because Americans don’t want to live in these hot beds for crime that make it impossible to live peaceably in.

Simply put, much of this is the fault of Democrat governors and mayors abusing the government to peddle their radical agendas, and now we’re seeing the impact of it.

One area that has come under intense scrutiny is Washington, D.C., which has been a Democrat stronghold for decades now. Crime is exploding in Washington, D.C., the housing crisis in D.C. is only getting worse, and the economy in the nation’s Capitol is as unstable as ever.

The Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C. recently appeared on CNBC with host Joe Kernen and was asked about a host of issues that the city is experiencing on her watch. One of those being rising violent crime, of course.

Mayor Muriel Bowser might’ve seen this one coming, but she likely didn’t see the preface Kernan had for his question. And she simply couldn’t answer it at all.

Kernan told Bowser that his daughter lives in Washington, D.C. and is extremely concerned about rising violent crime. He said that someone was shot in her neighborhood and that her own home was broken into. As a result, this has him really nervous that his daughter lives there.

“My daughter’s there and I’m a nervous person already,” CNBC host Joe Kernan shared with Mayor Bowser. Then Kernan dropped the million dollar question.

“So, she’s in her 20s. I already worry. She worries. She’s scared. She doesn’t feel safe. She had her place broken into. Someone got shot on her block, and she wanted me to just ask you. What’s the answer?” Kernan asked her.

He went on to press her asking, “Do you have a plan? Is it broken windows? Do you got to do more of that or more funding for police? What’s the plan? Should she feel safe in D.C., Mayor Bowser?”

Of course, Bowser’s answer is all just smoke and mirrors. She claims that crime is actually down in Washington, D.C. and that her policies are working to stabilize the region. Anyone with a few brain cells to rub together can see that this is all just nonsensical talk.

“Absolutely. This is what she should know: I just got an update from my deputy mayor and crime is down in all categories in Washington, D.C., especially those categories that so troubled us last year with robbery and carjacking, down more than 30%,” Bowser replied to Kernan.

Overall, Americans can see that crime is on the rise, no matter how much Democrats try to hide it with their darned “statistics” that are designed to gaslight Americans from believing their own two eyes.

That’s the reality. Everyone can see it happening in their growing towns and cities all over the nation. Democrats are intentionally trying to gaslight Americans into believing everything is fine and that they have it under control.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s own statistics have demonstrated that in D.C. violent crime has exploded by about 39% from 2022 into 2023. That’s an unfathomable increase in violent crime. Yet, Democrats continue to turn a blind eye.

Kernan’s daughter, Blake, even took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share the clip of her father interviewing Mayor Bowser to ask the question about safety in the nation’s Capitol. She said that she doesn’t feel safe in D.C. and that “no one does.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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