CNN HQ went up in flames after being torched by this top Democrat

Loyalties in politics can flip on a dime. CNN is learning that the hard way.

Because their HQ went up in flames after being torched by this top Democrat.

This election year is shaping up to be one of the weirdest we have seen in many years.

And part of that is because we’re used to Republicans infighting and being at each other’s throats.

But now Democrats are being split on a plethora of issues, and the Left has no clue how to react.

As just one example, the current war in Israel has divided the more moderate Democrats, who want to help the Jewish state, from the radical progressives, who go right up to the edge of praising Hamas.

And the split isn’t 90/10, it’s more like 55/45.

Another problem is the Democrats have a messaging problem. Is Donald Trump the incarnation of Satan? Or is he just the other side of the political coin?

Based on mainstream media coverage, you’d probably thing the former. Some on the Left are tired of this and are speaking out.

Real Time anchor Bill Maher chastised his CNN colleagues for the network’s nonstop trashing of former President Trump, claiming it has become “boring” even for a Trump hater like himself.

CNN, which has long struggled with a declining audience, has relied on Maher for content in recent months, most recently opting to play encore episodes of his HBO show on Saturday nights because both networks are owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

On Sunday’s episode of his Club Random podcast, Maher told former TV anchor Katie Couric that he doesn’t trust “anyone” in traditional media, including CNN.

“I don’t trust that anyone is giving me the full story. Everyone is giving me their spin on the story, including the places that used to be, I thought, fairly neutral, like CNN and The New York Times, I think, used to be a lot more neutral-”

“You think they’re sort of more activists?” Couric asked.

“Yes,” Maher responded. “You could always slant any story… My earliest memories of my father and me talking about something… I remember him telling me like… the bias comes through somehow, and I remember the examples he used. He said, like, ‘If you say he squawked about it, as opposed to he said.’ Then he said, Robert Kennedy, so this must have been before ‘68 when he was killed. I was definitely under 12. He said, ‘Robert Kennedy, if you like him, he is dedicated. If you hate him, he is ruthless.’ But it got worse.”

“And it got to the point where each side thinks they have to load their issues because we can’t really be trusted with both sides because the other side is so powerful and such an existential threat, they both think the other side is an existential threat. We just have to do everything we can – we can’t trust them to make sure they have the one true and correct opinion,” Maher continued.

Couric appeared to defend the media, claiming that “things changed so dramatically” as a result of Trump and blamed him for the erasure of “decorum” and a “level of basic decency” in this country, which Maher agreed with.

“For a place like CNN, I have total sympathy with them for that,” Maher said. “It was an impossible choice. Either you pretend that this is just the other side of normal, left, right, Republican, Democrat, or you start calling him a liar… I think the world needs a great CNN, so I’ll do everything I can to help that organization. And they still do some great stuff and have some great people. I still tune to it when something happens.”

After noting that CNN had removed its pro-Trump voices, Maher went on to discuss the network’s Trump town hall and how the live audience, which included Republicans and independents, “loved it” while the network’s anchors and others in the media despised it.

“Here’s what people saw in America. They saw Trump killing it, killing it with the crowd. Then you cut to a panel of six people who all just do nothing but dump on him and call him a liar. And America goes, ‘Oh, didn’t you just see that we like him?'” Maher stated.

“The people loved him and what he was saying. Then you cut to a panel of six know-it-alls in Washington who just do nothing but talk about the negative. I’m all in on the negative. No one’s been harder on Trump than me. I get it, and I’m bored with it. There’s a different way to do this, I think.”

“So what is it?” Couric asked.

“Not to defend Trump, but to defend the people who still vote for him,” Maher went on to say. “Because what they see on the other side, to them, is even more dangerous. Because it’s very closer to home. ‘My kid is coming home from school, and he thinks he’s a racist.’ He’s five. What have you been telling him? ‘My son thinks maybe he’s not a boy,’ and maybe that’s true, that happens. Those things are what they say, ‘that’s why I’m voting for Trump.'”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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