DeSantis warns Americans about new infection


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is sounding the alarm about what he’s discovered. It’s worse than you think.

And Ron DeSantis has warned Americans about a new infection.

The pandemic was rough for many Americans as millions would lose their jobs, struggle to keep a roof over their heads, and some lost their family members due to illness.

But Americans are resilient and pulled together during those tough times to support local communities and small businesses to try to keep everyone afloat.

No matter how hard COVID tried, it wasn’t going to bring America to its knees in the long run. But Ron DeSantis has discovered a new infection that will.

In a speech at the Ronald Reagan President Library in Simi Valley, California to promote his new book, Ron DeSantis warned Americans about radical, Leftist extremism.

He said “liberal states” have gotten it all wrong and that it “all goes back to ideology.”

But he went further and said that these states have fallen prey to the “woke mind virus” that has infected the Left and America’s institutions.

“I think these liberal states have gotten it wrong and why are they getting it wrong?” he said.

“And it goes back to this woke mind virus that’s infected the left and all these other institutions. I mean, think about the way they have governed their states,” he said.

He then told the audience listening to his speech that Americans are leaving deep blue states like California en masse for more free states like Florida and Tennessee because of this woke virus and because the alternative conservative states are simply more successful right now.

DeSantis also attributed the success of states like Florida to conservative principles that were championed by Ronald Reagan now 40 years ago.

DeSantis added that “a great American exodus from states run by leftist politicians, and we’ve seen massive gains in states like Florida who are governing in accordance to the tried and true principles that President Reagan held dear.”

The Florida Governor is entirely correct that the radical wokeness that has plagued the Left will absolutely bring any U.S. State or institution to its knees because it’s completely unsustainable.

We’ve watched California and New York turn into hell holes due to the radical Left’s tight grip on those states which has thrown them down the woke rabbit hole.

Extreme burdensome taxes, impossible business regulations, failing school districts, and housing crises galore. All of these have marked the woke Leftist states, and that’s why people are leaving.

While DeSantis believes that this woke mind virus absolutely has the power to bring America to its knees, he sasid he believes that America’s best days lie ahead and not behind.

“Many people think America’s best days are behind us,” the Florida Governor continued.

“But I think Ronald Reagan provides a great example of this. The 1970s were a period where people were saying much of the same thing … Reagan rejected that. He believed in what America was founded on very deeply.

This speech comes as DeSantis is expected to launch a bid for the White House, and is more evidence that he will do so any day now.

In fact, recently at an invite-only event in Orange County, California, DeSantis had an audience of more than 900 donors and raised more money than ever before in the history of the Orange County Republican Party according to officials within the organization.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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