Federal prosecutor advises Joe Biden to ‘take out’ Donald Trump

Political violence is out of hand. And it’s only going to get worse.

Because a federal prosecutor has advised Joe Biden to ‘take out’ Donald Trump in an unthinkable crime.

The wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to provide Donald Trump and any U.S. president some immunity from criminal prosecution from acts committed for the office of the president saw the Left lose their marbles. They immediately started making this about Trump and how he is going to use this to become a dictator and do anything he wants without consequences.

Of course, that’s not what the ruling does. That’s just hyperbole because the Left is so furious that Donald Trump isn’t already behind bars like in their political fantasies. The ruling is quite moderate and is based on historical judicial precedence going back decades. This truly isn’t about Donald Trump alone.

Naturally, the Leftists who are under the impression that this means the president can now do whatever he wants are giving Joe Biden advice to literally commit crimes to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president ever again. Some Biden allies are calling for President Biden to take out Donald Trump while he has the shot.

In a video released on Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner suggested that President Joe Biden could use a recent Supreme Court ruling to prevent former President Donald Trump from being reelected. The Supreme Court’s decision, delivered on Monday, affirmed that presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” carried out while in office.

Kirschner, discussing the ruling on his YouTube channel, proposed three strategies to counter Trump’s potential return to power, with the final suggestion involving the use of the Supreme Court’s ruling to block Trump’s reelection bid.

“This might sound like something straight out of a Hollywood script, but it’s a conversation we need to have,” Kirschner remarked. “President Biden now possesses new power, power that the Supreme Court has just conferred upon him. Unfortunately, it is the power of lawlessness, lawlessness with impunity and immunity. He can use that power to protect American democracy against an avowed day-one dictator. It’s hard to believe we’re having this conversation, but just imagine, friends, if Donald Trump retakes the reins of governmental power and becomes the dictator he has promised us he will become.”

Kirschner went on to describe what he envisions for Trump’s next term, asserting that Trump would focus on revenge. “Can you imagine if that’s where we find ourselves, and we look back and acknowledge that President Biden didn’t use the powers that the Supreme Court just granted him? Yes, it’s the power of lawlessness, but it is actually now a constitutional power that the Supreme Court has given all presidents,” he continued.

“Can you imagine if America is converted from a democracy to a dictatorship or a banana republic, of sorts, and President Biden decided to forego using the powers he has to protect the American people and our democracy from an aspiring dictator? How will we feel about that?”

Kirschner posed further questions about the potential consequences of Biden’s inaction. “Will we feel secure knowing that he didn’t take advantage of the lawlessness that the Supreme Court said is now ingrained in our Constitution, the lawlessness that a chief executive, a president of the United States, is allowed to exercise given the Supreme Court’s new interpretation of presidential immunity? Will we feel good about the principle that President Biden exhibited by declining to use that power and handing over our American democracy to dictatorship? I don’t know.”

Watch the clip using the video player below:

The Supreme Court majority’s ruling asserted that presidents are entitled to “absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within their conclusive and preclusive constitutional authority” and “presumptive immunity” for all official acts. Kirschner expressed his concerns earlier in the video, stating that the ruling permits a president to “use his attorney general to jail his political rival and all other perceived enemies.”

“A president, through his attorney general, can jail those folks without charges, without evidence, without any due process, and there’s nothing law enforcement, prosecutors, or the courts can do about it,” he added.

In a related development, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten highlighted Biden’s poor polling numbers against Trump following a presidential debate on Thursday. “These numbers are atrocious for Joe Biden. That’s the only way you can put it,” Enten said on Tuesday.

The poor polling for Joe Biden and the reality that more Americans than ever believe that he is unfit for office has Biden-friendly Democrats panicking about what’s next for him.

Ideas and devious plans like one to unilaterally “take out” Donald Trump simply because you think you can without any consequences are dangerous. This is the modern Left we are dealing with, though. They will do and say anything to hold on to power, and they are admitting it.

So much for protecting democracy right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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