Gavin Newsom is utterly humiliated after what this Republican governor said about him

The California governor’s policies are ruining his state. And this GOP politician isn’t afraid to call him out on it.

As Gavin Newsom is utterly humiliated after what this Republican governor said about him.

While speaking at an event for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation last week, Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) didn’t hold back when describing some of his fellow governors.

Sununu explained that “Almost all the governors get along,” mentioning Governors Chris Murphy (D-NJ) and Tina Kotek (D-OR) as specific examples of people he has a good relationship with.

But the New Hampshire governor continued, saying, “In my eight years, there’s really only been two, maybe a third, but two real governors that really nobody liked.”

He was then encouraged to list the two politicians by name, which he did.

“Andrew Cuomo. Complete jacka**, no one likes him … [and] no one cares for Gavin. Gavin’s just a pr*ck,” Sununu bluntly said.

“All of us got along for a while, but even the Democrats, they won’t tell you out loud, but behind closed doors, they’re like, ‘Oh god, look who’s coming,'” he said, referencing Gov. Newsom (D-CA).

“I’m sure that’ll hit social media, but who cares.”

Currently 27 Republicans and 23 Democrats make up the 50 governors in the United States.

Gavin Newsom is one of the most well known of the Democrat governors simply because of how large of a state California is.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) used to be on that same level until he resigned from his position in 2021 due to allegations that he committed s*xual harassment.

Cuomo received tons of criticism from the Right during the COVID pandemic because of his poor handling of the crisis. But for some reason the Left propped him up as a hero.

As for Newsom, his horrible policies have led to California quickly becoming a state in decay.

Homelessness is rampant (despite Newsom making promises to greatly reduce it), radical Leftist ideologies are flooding the state, and the economy in California is causing residents to up and leave for more prosperous Red states like Texas.

There was talk that Gavin Newsom was running a shadow campaign for president this year after he went and held several political rallies outside the Golden State in recent months.

He also debated Florida Governor and then-presidential candidate Ron DeSantis in the later part of 2023.

But despite those actions and the rumors, Newsom has claimed that he is fully on-board with supporting President Joe Biden for reelection this year.

That’s another thing he and Governor Sununu will butt heads on, as Sununu has already announced his intentions to vote for former President Donald Trump in the general election.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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