Iran made an apocalyptic threat that left Biden hyperventilating

Joe Biden has plunged the world into war and destruction. Now it has all come to a head.

Because Iran made an apocalyptic threat that left Biden hyperventilating.

The international community is on edge thanks to plenty of foreign policy failures from the Biden administration.

Everyone knows Israel has been embroiled in a war for the past six months that has seen Hamas be nearly annihilated.

The terrorist group has gotten much of its funding from radical neighbors, including Qatar and Iran.

But up until recently, the support came in the form of weapons, money, and supplies – a classic proxy war.

That all changed when Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones directly at Israel.

Hilariously, Israel was able to shoot down 99% of the incoming projectiles, but Iran still claimed it’s strike was a success.

Now the ball is in Israel’s court. Will they respond in kind? Iran knows they don’t have the same capabilities to defend themselves, so they’re making a huge threat we’ve never seen before.

Iran is apparently receiving a fearsome arsenal from Russia, including anti-aircraft launchers and fighter jets, and has threatened to unleash weaponry it has never used before in “a severe, extensive, and painful response” to Israel’s “slightest action”.

According to Abolfazl Amouei, a spokeswoman for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee, the Islamic Republic “will confront any Israeli aggression and respond to it.”

“We are ready to use weapons that we have not used before,” the official told Al-Mayadeen News, according to the Economic Times.

Separately, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned Israel that if it takes even the “slightest action,” it will suffer “a severe, extensive, and painful response.”

“The blind support of some Western countries to the Zionist regime is the cause of tension in the region,” he stated, according to the Daily Express.

“We will respond in a massive, broad and painful manner to the slightest action targeting Iranian interests.”

The warnings follow years of international concern about Iran’s nuclear capability.

According to the Daily Mail, the Islamic Republic operates many nuclear research facilities, including two uranium mines, a research reactor, and three uranium enrichment plants.

By December, the United Nations warned that Iran had enriched uranium to up to 60% purity, which is close to weapons grade.

It stated that it possesses enough enriched uranium to create three nuclear weapons.

The National Union for Democracy in Iran also stated in a report earlier this month that its stockpile of enriched uranium, combined with its centrifuge capacity, is sufficient to produce seven nuclear bombs in a single month.

According to the Washington Post, Iran is also receiving weapons from Russia, including anti-aircraft missile launchers and drones.

It has pledged to provide Iran with air defense equipment, upgraded fighter jets, and technical help for its spy satellites.

Further agreements between the two countries might include efforts to repair Iran’s air force, which is made up of reconstructed Soviet and U.S. fighters from before 1979, as well as efforts to enhance Iran’s supply of spy satellites and assist it in building more rockets, according to the site.

Officials in Tehran are also pressing for Russia’s anti-aircraft launchers, which military analysts claim can kill stealth fighter jets used by the United States and Israel.

In exchange, Iran has pledged to help Russia in its current conflict with Ukraine.

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