Jill Biden’s dark past comes to the surface and explains everything

The First Lady is facing a whirlwind. What she’s doing is truly unbelievable.

And now Jill Biden’s skeletons have fallen out of her closet in the most stunning fashion.

First Lady Jill Biden Faces Criticism from Ex-Husband Bill Stevenson

First Lady Jill Biden has recently come under fire from her ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, who criticized her for encouraging President Joe Biden to continue his re-election campaign following a widely criticized debate performance.

Stevenson, who was married to Jill from 1970 to 1975, expressed his disappointment in her public persona during a conversation with the New York Post. “The Dr. Jill Biden who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way,” he said, remarking on her transformation over the years. “She’s matriculated into a completely different woman.”

As a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump, Stevenson, 75, has been outspoken about his disdain for the Biden family, referring to them as the “Biden crime family” on several occasions. He questioned Jill Biden’s motivation for steadfastly defending her husband and pushing for his continued candidacy despite apparent struggles. “I just don’t understand why she is so adamant about defending him and keeping him in the race since it appears that he’s struggling,” Stevenson commented. “It appears that he’s struggling with everybody these days.”

Reflecting on his past relationship with Jill, Stevenson noted that while he has witnessed her growth and felt proud of her at certain moments, he is surprised by her prominent role in the political arena after years of maintaining a low profile. “I’ve watched Jill grow,” he said. “I have no hard feelings … I’m just surprised to see her front and center in the middle of this battle after flying under the radar for so many years. She’s always been very driven. People say she’s the one who wants to be president now.”

Stevenson, who has since remarried and built a family, previously supported Joe Biden during his vice-presidential run with Barack Obama and his 1972 Senate campaign. However, in 2020, he alleged that Jill’s relationship with Biden began as an affair during his Senate run.

In a 2005 book about the Stone Balloon, a popular nightspot in Newark, Delaware, Stevenson recounted an incident where Biden allegedly repeated a funny anecdote he had just shared, which Stevenson claims highlights Biden’s tendency to embellish stories. “It makes me cringe every time he calls Trump a liar, because I’m telling you right now, there is no better liar than President Biden,” Stevenson stated. “He’s just a bad person. I’m probably one of the few people outside his family who has known him for 50 years.”

Stevenson is set to self-publish a new book titled The Bidens: The Early Years next month. While the book will not cover Biden’s current presidency, Stevenson shared his opinions on the president’s mental state. “Look, I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist but yeah, I felt he lost a step three or four years ago. Now I think it’s more like a couple of steps. Do I feel badly for him? No, because he did some horrible things to me and my family,” he concluded.

This candid critique from Jill Biden’s former spouse adds another layer to the ongoing scrutiny of the first family, revealing personal grievances that stretch back decades.

Intense Backlash Against First Lady Jill Biden

After the presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it was made extremely clear to everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that incumbent President Joe Biden is not okay. He is clearly suffering from some form of mental health decline. The day after the debate, he even admitted as much at a campaign rally saying that he knows he doesn’t talk well or debate well.

Given that’s the case, it’s obvious that someone within the Biden camp, potentially even a family member, needs to protect Joe Biden from the Democrats who just want to use him as a warm body to run against Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. That’s just elder abuse.

Why isn’t Jill Biden doing anything about this? Joe is her husband, and she has a moral and ethical responsibility to protect him. The problem is, as some suggest, that she’s power hungry herself and is completely unwilling to give the idea of letting Joe Biden step aside the remotest amount of thought.

With extremely bad timing, Jill Biden was the face of Vogue magazine and this made the rounds, leading many to suggest that she is absolutely loving the limelight and would never want to give it up in a million years. Others suggest she may have a larger role in the Biden administration than she should have.

Her behavior after the debate is particularly eye-opening for millions of Americans who thought that Jill Biden was probably just trying to be a supportive wife in whatever Joe Biden himself wanted to do. Taking the mic from Joe Biden and yelling at the crowd that Donald Trump just lied throughout the entire debate was a shocking display.

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