News of military attack has Joe Biden sweating bullets

President Biden isn’t prepared for this. He has no idea what to do next.

Because this news of a military attack has Joe Biden sweating bullets.

President Joe Biden and the Democrat establishment has been funneling billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to a proxy war with Ukraine against Russia.

As many Americans agree, it’s perfectly right and acceptable for Ukraine to defend themselves against Russia’s unjust aggression.

But the problem that most of the American public have with this issue right now is the idea that it is by default the issue of the American federal government and military.

Joe Biden has been taking a “whatever it takes” approach in terms of getting aid to Ukraine to see the end of the war in the region.

That has yet to happen, however. The Democrats were predicting the war would be over by fall or winter of 2022, but we’re now pushing the second half of 2023 and there’s no end in sight.

In fact, Ukraine has delivered Joe Biden bad news that indicates that Russia may be advancing in its war in Ukraine, indicating that the war could carry on for months or years longer.

This week, news broke that a dam from the Soviet era of Russian history that exists in southern Ukraine has suffered a collapse, potentially from an explosion on the part of either the Ukrainians or the Russians.

The dam in Kherson Ukraine was serving as a sort of divide between the Ukrainian defenses and the Russian offenses in the region, and served both parties in the war.

Immediately, Ukrainian officials accused Russia of trying to blow up the dam in a war crime against Ukraine and the citizens there.

Russia shot back saying that Ukraine is making that up in an effort to take attention away from a failing counteroffensive that Ukraine has been planning in recent weeks.

Critically, the dam provided a way for cooling for a nuclear plant that is still operational in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine that has come under control of the Russians since the start of the war.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the nuclear reactor has enough water for cooling for the next several months from nearby sources, but the dam provided much of that cooling before its collapse.

It’s hard to imagine the war ending within the next few months, so the issue of cooling the reactor amidst the war will be a growing concern for both Ukraine and Russia, as well as the rest of the world.

Overall, there seems to be no clear way to end this war any time soon, at least not the way the Democrats in the United States would like for it to end.

In recent weeks, the Biden administration gave into the demands of the Democrat establishment that were calling for F-16 fighter jets to be sent to Ukraine to help them defend the airspace against Russia.

Russia has not taken kindly to this as they have accused the U.S. of trying to supply Ukraine with fighter jets that are capable of having nuclear warheads attached to them.

Interestingly, White House security advisor to Joe Biden, John Kirby, would not confirm whether the Russians were right in pointing out the nuclear capabilities of the F-16 jets that America would be supplying Ukraine.

The Biden administration insists that they are seeking to avoid nuclear war at all costs, but it’s not exactly like they are working towards a peaceful end to the war in the region.

Instead, they are stoking the flames every month with billions of dollars in military equipment that’s all being financed by the taxpayer without much representation in Washington, D.C.

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